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    Alexander Isak

    Looking at him against Real Madrid. Two goals and look sharp. Speed and technic. Young and can fit perfect in premier league imo. Pretty sure Ødegaard isn't going to spend another season at Real Sociedad.
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    Adama Traore

    3 goals against us this season so far. Looks like a decent player with strenght and speed. Possible signing for us? I like his mentality going towards goal.
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    Tip for a great pub for city fans

    hola amigos. Need a tip for a great pub in manchester where city fans is gathering before, and after match. Thanks in advance....
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    Man Utd home 20th Mar

    I will come over from Norway for this match. I'm looking for tickets for me and my two nephews. I'm not able to buy from the mcfc website as the buttons "Choose Seats" and "Quick Seats" are greyed out for me. Any chance for me and my nephews getting tickets to this match? General sale, starts...
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    Player Topic: Bersant Celina

    Full debut of our Norways 2nd best youngster after Ødegaard. Good to see talent get time on the field. Can be very good for us in the future if we dont destroy him like Real Madrid does to Ødegaard. Keep up he good work Pellegrini/Vieira
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    Image in a post

    How can i insert a image locally from my computer in my post?
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    Need another world class defender......

    Yesterday game vs. Lpool clearly showed we need a new defender, when vinny and ota is out. Sell Mangala og Demis as they are not good enough. I said it this summer, buy a f****** defender. But we didn't. Now we have to pay for it. Mangala looks decent in the beginning of the season, but now he...
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    Looked at Portos young midfielder Brahimi. He is playing well in the port. league and in CL at the moment he is all over chavski. Looks good on the ball with great stamina and passing. Could be a good signing.
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