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    Motorbike people

    I've got a Suzuki DR SE(i think) 125. Whats its worth? I know for a fact Japan didnt import many in my colour(blue tank). Bikes nearly 20 years old. Not a scratch The L plates have gone. The old bill can go fuck themselves. CBT Bollocks.. robbin cunts
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    Had me second jab

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    Either I've got ghosts or I'm taking that fuckin bulb back to that pound shop on Hart road. Only in Fall do you walk into a shop wearing a mask and get robbed.
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    Top landlords

    Princess pub -- Tony--Top Landlord
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    The demise of LiveLeak

    Hayden sold his arse to the corperates
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    The Sh@@e BBC

    Sick to death of people using David Attenborough videos as some reason to keep this pile of propaganda shite going.
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    Police video reveals brutal arrest of father for refusing to leave dying daughter

    I think the back story was the Dad wanted more treatment. He also supposedly assaulted someone. Still though, this is fucked up
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    My 70's TV

    Great web site
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    Coach man

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    Anyone know of a good Youtube ripper?

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    What a season(2001/02)

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    City beer monsters

    We must have the toughest beer monsters. Seen plenty of other fans forums sayin our scarfers kicked fuck out of people
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