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    RIP John Challis (Boycie)

    Still laughing at his character today, thanks for the fun , rip.
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    Clinton Baptiste

    Love him, harmless slapstick and unforgettable appearance on phoenix nights.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    There are far too many cup games across the year and for most normal people less money, time , incentive to attend than in years gone by + we are in a comfort zone of trophy winning stability rather than the old wtf are city doing next .
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    Does Manchester need to demolish and relocate Strangeways??

    Convinced my son as a nipper that is was a waterpark, still a chance one day with knock off beach towels over the road.
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    First listen to talksport for a while am parlour on about beer , beer and beer pm ronaldo fest with a series of cockneys including the gobshite host.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Getting Wycombe in the carabao clinched it as Ronaldo worships the mighty wanderers!
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    Next Manager after Pep

    Enrique with De Bruyne his apprentice
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    Soccer Aid charity game at The Etihad

    Boycotting this + Simply Red+ Stormzy+ Ryan Giggs the musical on ice at our new arena next year
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    Harry Kane

    This news is a positive no other club will pay levys ransom or have to deal with an incompetent agent putting us/ Kane on the backfoot from day one. Marketing wise hes not as exciting as love island Grealish and i think he will stay at Spurs long term as frankly at 28/9 hes close to his sell by...
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    #10 | Jack Grealish - 2021/22 Performances

    Looks v comfortable in a city shirt and i guess likewise in Chinawhite, George Best like aura so just needs to reign in any excesses in order to become an icon for City/England indeed for England he already is given the buzz when he takes the field .
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    We are spoilt, the players are spoilt . I dont think seeing a half empty etihad with 5 mins left need bother anyone any more.The novelty at Leeds will wear off as time goes by and happy clappy palace are going down.
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    Some people were moaning pre covid whilst choosing to get in a queue 10 mins before kick off. Staff at city certainly see a side of humanity that at times lacks patience ( being polite) .
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    21/22 Early Leavers

    All geezers leave early so theres a tidy firm ready to do battle with the rozzers and canaries before nipping back in for a latte and guacamole pizza.
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    City’s New Kits - 2021/22

    More chance of Millwall fans taking the knee than me paying more than £10 for a shirt Primark would think twice about displaying.
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    Spurs (A) | Post-Match Thread

    The outcome sky needed more than we needed to win today. Did Neville mention the Glazers, doubt it. All City players need to be as truely focussed to win the league/ champs league more than ever with or without Kane , early days and the signs are mixed , the contrast between Sterling in a...
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    Spurs (A) - Sun 15 Aug 1630 | Pre-Match Thread

    Still think Roudiger should have been sent off, anyway off we go again!
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    Spurs (A) - Sun 15 Aug 1630 | Pre-Match Thread

    Hes on loan at Sunderland and already doing well
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    Spurs (A) - Sun 15 Aug 1630 | Pre-Match Thread

    Kane already on the bench
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