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    First Match Memories??? Help.

    Hi guys, ive been given special allowence from ric to start this thread even though i have under 100 posts... For my final year project at uni im doing a stage piece on why so many people attatche themselves to a football club... the passion that goes with the support and the obsession to go to...
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    8th spot!!!

    everton in f.a. cup final.... chelsea also in final... both will get european places anyway!! opens up 8th spot???
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    united away!

    hey there, if there is anyone with enough points for the united away game who, cannot or dosent want to attend! would it be possible to buy your ticket! thanks a lot blues!!
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    that tevez song

    what was that song about tazmanian tev last night. summat bout his face being sewn on back to front.
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    MOT- my car

    hey there, just a quick question i was given a 1997 ford fiesta last september by my aunty!! it was mot;d and serviced a month before she gave it to me!! in the year ive had it i have hardly ever drove it since i havent passed and was only insured for about 2months cos of the costs...
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