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    Opportunity in a crisis

    Apologises if a similar thread already posted. Im sick of all the doom & gloom although I am missing shouting Ffs Mahrez. Lol I believe in times of crisis it’s an opportunity to hit the re-set button & ensure once you come out of a crisis positive changes are made. What can the club improve...
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    Hopes for the rest of the season

    Ok I’m going to try to be positive & forward thinking. what would you like to see happen now ? In my opinion - league is over so that pressure has gone. I’m not convinced we can beat Utd with their style in cup. :-( No way this team can win champs league FA cup possibly. I would rather see...
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    Kids I Pad at the game

    I had a 15 minute argument at the turnstile today with a steward in the pissing down rain over my daughter having her iPad. My daughter is 8 and takes her iPad to every game and as since she was 5. Eventually I was allowed to take it in, what they thought I was going to do with it is beyond me...
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    City players on bluemoon

    Interesting topic on talksport today with a social media expert who goes into clubs and provides advise to players. Didn’t catch his name. He says some players do go on to fans forums. Do you think any of our players come on here and what would they would make of the comments ? I can imagine...
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    Player entrance soundtrack

    i know we have had similar threads to this but nothing for a while it seems and it drives me nuts! The music prior to teams coming out is so poor. It needs to be uplifting, inspiring not downbeat and weak. And can we please stop chopping and changing what tune the boys come out to. It needs...
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