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  1. J

    Love for City holds no bounds

    The season is upon us and we’re finally allowed back to cheer on our club’s representatives as best we can. I can’t wait! I’m on holiday at the moment and have just had the misfortune to encounter two Liverpool supporters. The one who was from Liverpool said we’re a good team albeit through...
  2. J

    England v Germany | Euro 2020 Last 16

    Squeaky bum time at the Euros. Hoping Southgate knows what he’s doing and he picks a team to cause Germany problems rather than picking two holding midfielders again. We’ll never have a better chance of getting to the final given the relatively easy draw we’ve got. My team: Pickford Walker...
  3. J

    Kit poll: Shorts and socks

    With the impending kit release coming up I thought it was worth asking the question….
  4. J

    Hangover Cures.

    Do they exist? Asking for a friend.
  5. J

    If it DOESN’T go ahead

    With the Govt on board and other countries’ governments, there’s a chance the ESL won’t get off the ground. But assuming it doesn’t happen, where does that leave us, the supporters? No doubt many fans have already jacked it in for good on the back of the announcement. I don’t agree with this...
  6. J

    Champions League Haters

    Curious to know if you watched the game last night. Curious to know if you watched the PSG v Munich matches. If you didn’t you missed an absolute treat of football in both cases. The excitement is beginning to build big time for our club now in this tournament. Surely you can feel it? Surely you...
  7. J

    Decontaminating nuclear radioactivity.

    Chernobyl and Fukushima remain ghost towns and will continue to be so for hundreds of years. Why hasn’t there been better research into how to neutralise radioactive waste? Is it impossible? Can it not be treated with something? Forgive my ignorance but I’ve looked on Google and nobody is asking...
  8. J

    Why does the club allow poor journalism? Is this the worst article ever? Shock horror Liverpool-supporter pens article for the Independent which gets published yesterday. What does it mention? 1. State ownership...
  9. J

    I preferred it when we were sh1t

    I used to hear Blues coming out with that line from time to time. They were usually the ones who only ever went a couple of times a season anyway, not proper fans. It was as if it was an excuse to justify their laziness in not going to games and the fact that they ALWAYS preferred holding hands...
  10. J

    Fireworks masterstroke

    The Dippers who no doubt had a whip-round and spent about £200 on fireworks today at Anfield at half time....Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha! You absolute cockwombles. Your defence of the league title has been an absolute embarrassment, la. :) Just like your fireworks and your horrible cult club...
  11. J

    Man Buns

    As a 53 year old bloke I am becoming increasingly perplexed at the number of stupid hair cuts the footballers of today seem to be adopting. The main gripe is the man bun. Seems every team has at least one offender - Leeds have half a team of these Jessies! The worst is that Rees Williams lad at...
  12. J

    Decent shoes

    Now I'm in my 50s I thought it was time to ditch the Adidas Originals as a constant and smarten myself up a bit. After a really smart pair of shoes to wear with smart dark jeans and a shirt for going to pubs restaurants etc when they're back open that is. That being so got my eye on some Allen...
  13. J

    Guardian article. City's bribery scandal from 1906.

    Really interesting stuff. Never really read into this period only presuming the established clubs didn't want a new upstart from up north taking over. Guess some things never change! Be interesting to know @Gary James thoughts...
  14. J

    Erling Haaland

    Linked again today as Aguero's successor. Yes please.
  15. J

    "Disappointing" attendances

    Pep's had a dig today, not for the first time either. I know the club read Bluemoon. The facts are we have a low match-day income when compared to other top six clubs. I'd class our fan base as the same as Newcastle. I'd like to see their match-day income. It's probably on a par. We're up...
  16. J

    Lee Mason

    Deserves his own thread he was that bad in tonight's game v Sheff Utd. I'll start: Failing to apply the advantage on at least two occasions in the first half when City players were in advanced positions.
  17. J

    1917 film

    Anyone seen this yet? If not then you must. I went over the weekend and those two hours flew by. The way it is filmed is unlike anything I've seen before. Hats off to everyone involved and I hope it wins the lot at the Oscars. Hopefully it will kickstart other film-makers into making great WW1...
  18. J

    Cycle Touring

    Further to the NC500 thread, any Bluemooners ever holidayed by bicycle? I've done dozens of cycle tours ranging from long weekends to a whole month away. There's nowt better than loading your bike up with your gear and a tent and just clearing off somewhere. Off up to Inverness in a fortnight...
  19. J

    2012 title win.... Recreated

    Go to 10.45
  20. J

    Items you've lost never to be replaced

    Ever had that gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach when an item you hold dearly has been misplaced?You search everywhere to no avail. You're sick to the back teeth of answering questions about where you were when you last had it. You've retraced all that and more. You lose sleep over...
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