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    More likely 2 bags half empty and the third bag missing, presumed nicked by a scally.
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    Was it this long ago? Blimey. Peace and love.
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    Hello, you. It won't last!
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    I did warn you all about him many, many bluemoons ago. But then you struck oil.
  5. J

    FA Cup 3rd round, who do you want?

    West Ham?
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    Very good, but you came in two baa's two early... Hello, everyone else. Not planning on resuming my fueds with anyone. Peace and love, may the new manager bring you all you wish for.
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    Team Cheryl Cole
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    Fine and dandy, thanks. Fine and dandy. Happy Christmas to another ex-manager. Pearce out!
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    I wonder who the 6 were who stormed off to see Cookie

    5-live just talking about the new manager needing to learn the language and learn the pace of British football... Perhaps the sheiks will just buy the current Inter Milan squad and be done with it?
  11. J

    Does Brooklands Blue2.0

    Shame shit, different thread. Ay, oop Stony - how's things.
  12. J

    Literal Music Video's! (Funny)

  13. J


    We'll be signing Javier Mascherano next and the loop will be complete...
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    stockport in administration

    The trust started on an even keel but with a ground leasing agreement and other financial arrangements that crippled them. From people in the know, BK basically set it all up to recoup his money in the short term whatever the consequences for the sustainability of the football club. Going bust...
  15. J

    SSN - Newcastle Ban Joey

    He'll fit in well at Blackburn when he ends up there. A fine replacement for Robbie Savage.
  16. J

    What exactly is wrong?

    It's the classic underachievement scenario. You have years of bobbling along, getting nowhere. Just as things start to gel between a squad you throw in a transfer window and disrupt the whole thing. Then you sack a manager. You repeat this ad nauseum. Buying in "names" doesn't do the job...
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    So lets get this straight

    Stevie Ireland was on the money - it's the players and not the manager at fault. We've gone through this time and again recently with Pearce, Sven and now Hughes. Fact is that some players don't want it badly enough. Yes, that is a problem for the manager. Yes, you'd hope a manager would be...
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    Worst Practical Joke ever Played on You ???

    A bunch of Arabs buying City and promising success.
  19. J

    this global economy problem

    Some people saw it coming. And things are going to get much worse before they get better. The housing market hasn't bombed yet as much as it will simply because of the unavailability of mortgages. When the drop finally happens people will feel much worse off and the psychological impact on...
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