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    Kirk Douglas RIP

    RIP. Died aged 103. I am Spartacus
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    i have had an N1ghTm4r3 email demanding thousands of poundsworth of bitcoin. Have I got malware on my iPhone ? How can I get shut?
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    Any one have a Bone anchored hearing aid?

    i have had bilateral hearing aids since I was in my early 20s. My consultant has suggested the time may be approaching to consider a bone anchored aid. Just wondered if anyone had undergone the procedure?
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    Georgia Stanway & Steph Houghton receive PFA honours

    Georgia Stanway has won the women’s ypoty as well.
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    My daughter lost a bracelet at match today

    I know this is a long shot but our Loz lost a Pandora bracelet at the game today. It has sentimental value and she is heartbroken. Does anybody know if it’s still Danny Wilson who is a good contact at the club.. just in case some kind hearted person has found it and handed it in.
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    Any car dealers on here?

    i am looking to potentially change my car..
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    Incident with Car hitting pedestrians near Trafford Centre

    Just had an alert on news app. Hope this isn’t deliberate and all those affected are OK . Says 5 people injured.
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    Does anyone have a caravan? I am thinking of replacing my camper . I am a bit wary of towing and thought I would see if any one here has any experience or wisdom to pass on.
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    Glasgow in March, What shouldn’t I miss?

    Going on a work thing in March, decided to stay on a few days after. Staying in the centre. Not been before . Any recommendations for things to see n do? Really looking forward to it!
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    I keep getting pop ups

    I keep getting some shit popping up and saying I have won a an iPhone or some crap. When I close it it goes to ,I think ,a fake google page with a do I get rid? Thanks
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    Manchester Bee tattoos

    Does anyone have a design? I have seen a few but want the town hall bee. If it has a bit of city in it as well then all the better? Mods sorry if already posted or in wrong place.
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    TIA mini stroke

    Just been told I might have had one! Am on fast track to be seen by specialist team at Blackpool Vic. Has anyone had one , what happened at the hospital? I feel a bit all over the place at the moment, can't think straight. Think they said I will be seen in a couple of days.
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    Any chicken keepers on here?

    I am thinking of rescuing 4 ex battery hens . Never kept chickens before, Just wondered if we have any blue moon chicken keepers? I am making a sign for the " Eggihad " coop for them. The chickens are coming home in June so i am looking at different coops etc at the moment and wondered if...
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    RIP Tony Donlan -Colin Bell stand block 123 M 657

    My cousin and season ticket holder in the Colin Bell stand Tony Donlan,died on 13th March. His wife and all our family are city fans. I will post his seat details in case any of you know him and update with funeral details ,it is likely to be next week. Another blue in the big kippax in the sky. Xx
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    need to add speakers to my desktop

    Am needing to add speakers to my pc, and have an old pair of tannoy shelf standers they have the black and red screw down connections,on the back. is there a cable I can use to connect these to my pc?
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    smoke/fire alarm issue ,can anyone help?

    When house was re wired few years back they put in a smoke alarm, its always been fine little green light blinking away, just recently it has started blipping every couple of minutes. I have pressed the test button and alarm has sounded but then the blipping starts again... starting to get right...
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    Help think my email account has been hacked

    Not sure juat tried to view my emails on my phone and keep getting a message sayong server password has been changed. What do I do??
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    Argg just been told need a new engine

    Anyone any advice. Its a corsa and piston has blown according to garage where rac recovered it to . They wont source an engine and I dont have a fucking is in kirkham lancs and I am on fylde. anyone help??
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    sony xperia z unlock??

    Dropped a bollock.. bought a handset of ebay.. sold to me as unlocked .. got it and its locked to three. i want to put a giff gaff sim in it. when i put the sim in it asks for a sim unlock pin.. tried 5555, 6666, 0000, and 1234, all say network cannot be unlocked. i have opened a case with ebay...
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    Travel to Brazil - Anyone know anything about

    Permission to travel for a minor ( under 18) travelling with one natural parent. My partner has a 14 year old and we have been told we need a legal document from her other biological parent to state they agree for the child to travel etc. Anyone had any experience of this when travelling to...
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