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    3 points and fine?

    OK speed van parked up, as soon as i noticed i looked at the clock and was doing 35mph in a 30 and was quite a distance from him, been doing some research about car speedometers and it says they can be out by as much as 10% depending on vehicle make so i paced my car on speedo versus the GPS sat...
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    i need a new DVR Box for the CCTV at home and cant get a 1080P box which i have now but can get a 1080N, maybe short of stock with the covid stuff,anyone know if it will work with the cameras i have been using with the 1080P, as far as im aware the only diference between the two is the picture...
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    carpet gripper

    someone tried to get into the garden shed last night,they came in over the 6tf fence,so i was thinking of getting some lengths of carpet gripper and nail them along on the top, neighbour says i'm liable if they get hurt if i do that, anyone know if thats right
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    Wed morning back page headlines game

    il go for- ''KANE RAIN SHAME'', A Wembley downpour during the penalty shoot out did not do England and favors, Kane stepped up to unleash a powerfull shot but with no lift on the ball it skimmed the surface of the pitch and lost momentum only for the German keeper to colllect and once again...
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    pre paid electricity

    when we bought the house the pre payment meter was in so we just took over and carried on,this was some 10 yers ago and its quite noticable how much little you get for £10 now as you did back then,on the plus side you dont get a heavy winter bill to pay, i think now its time to have it taken...
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    future father in law

    been with this girl a few weeks anyway she took me home and i met her dad well what a strange bloke keeps his money in his drty socks in the bathroom basket ,everywhere i go in the house i can feel his eyes watching me, its all getting a bit creepy now further to this i found his wallet in the...
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    flag pole

    what can i use as a flag pole,there quite dear on ebay, need to get up around 12/15ft,,i was thinking washing line props
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    Netflix USA in the UK

    as the title, i was told there is far more choice on Netflix USA than the UK version, i have managed to get it on my laptop via a VPN but the UK version is still on the TV, any idea about how i get it on the TV
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    Hermes parcels

    what an outfit these are, bought something from USA on the 17th, its traveled 2000 miles over there to get to the departure hub where it cleared UK customs under the shipment programe,put on a plane and arrived at East Midlands airport all in 4 days and now Hermes saying 14 days expected...
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    car dealer warranty advice

    OK so today i found a car 'Oldham Motors' i have paid a small deposit and will pay the ballance 12k on collection of the car which should be after the weekend, i forgot to ask the dealer about a warranty so checked their website and there pushing warranty for life at a cost which i dont want...
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    driving after broken ankle

    as thread title, ive had two plates put in either side of my left ankle, im post op now at 55 days,cast has been removed, ankle rotation is back to around 90% and weight bearing is at around 25% so still on crutches, doctors will not advise on returning to driving most likely dont want to...
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    Buying a car during lockdown

    well the car has packed up,i think cambelt snapped,so for the last few days i have been looking on ebay,car guru etc, i have found what i want however its a private sale and 220 miles away also probably around 2/3k cheaper than a dealer,, i cant go to see it because of the rules however the guy...
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    Perseverance NASA rover on Mars

    remember it took off back in July last year,now 86% completed to landing,looking forward to this one as we will here the sounds of mars and its looking for any past forms of life
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    Private reg plates

    just looked on Absolute Reg, you can have a bit of fun on there so decided to put in Man City the best they could come up with was MC21CTY, if you pulled up behind that would you recognise its a blue?,not bad for £279
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    The Karma Treble

    yes folks were on again- Win at CAS Liverpool fail to break into the 100 club United fail and get 5th 2 of 3 complete and tonight palace can almost secure our dream and give United that 5th spot they so desperately wanted
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    car battery help

    Ok,my car battery has been going flat,so i went out and replaced it and a week later the new one went flat so i gave it a full charge overnight and a week later its flat again, i bought one of those amp tests which you plug into the cig lighter socket and its reading 13.2-13.4 volts when...
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    used car buying

    been out of the game for years,dealers dont seem to want to knock anyhing of the windscreen price infact they seem a little pissed when you tell them its cash or card so they must get a decent kick back with finance, so would private buying be a better option for a better deal,on a car up for...
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    health and safety

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    is the walking dead finished

    what happend to it,i lost a bit of interest in the later episodes and didnt catch up,,if its finished what season did they get to?
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    dog faeces

    why bother to pick the stuff up and put it in a plastic bag if all your going to do is walk 20 yards down the road and sling it in someones garden, WTF is wrong with these people, cctv has been adjusted and i will be in waiting tonight
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