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    Match of the Day: Top 10 podcast - best European imports

    They include Silva and Kompany, but not Aguero. The others are Berkamp, Cantona, Hazard, Henry, Kante, Keane, Ronaldo and Vieira. Surely Sergio has made as much of an impact than Cantona, Hazard, and Kante Podcast or broadcast on the motd slot on Saturday.
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    Would you sacrifice the domestic cups to retain the league?

    With the current injury problems, Stones 5 weeks out (and with his record possibly more) and Laporte and Sane until 2020, would you be happy to go out of the cups, league and FA, to concentrate all our efforts on retaining the league and giving the champions league a good go. We've done the...
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    Vote for Goal of the Season

    BBC Goal of the season on tonights MOTD - Vote for Vinnie's goal against Leicester voting open until 11.50pm
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    Charlie Austin banned for two games

    Southampton striker Charlie Austin has been given a two-match ban by the FA for an obscene gesture during the match against City on December 30. What a twat, Southampton may have actually needed him, and he goes and gets himself a two game ban.
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    Watching sport in Ultra HD

    Just looking for opinions from anyone who's watching sport in Ultra HD. Recently got Sky Q, after a recent thread prompted me to call Sky to get a better deal, which I did and Sky Q upgrade. Sky Q offers some sports in Ultra HD, but I'd need to upgrade TV to watch. Anyone switched to UHD and...
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    Sports Personality of the Year 2018

    So it's on the Beeb from 7pm tonight, you call or vote online for winner of Sports Personality, the following have been voted for, by a panel. Shortlist for World Sport Star of the Year Shortlist for Greatest Sporting Moment of the Year Winner of the Team of the Year Winner of the Coach of the...
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    Musical Groups/Artists/Bands you like, but know one else seems to.

    So any musical preferences that you have, but never hear of anyone else liking… I’ll start: Sky – Instrumental Rock group, amazing musicians. Colin Hay – former Men at Work frontman, like his solo work and he’s great live. Tragically Hip – Canadian rock band, unfortunately no longer active...
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    Pep (Sky Interview)

    Catch MNF Special: Pep Guardiola on Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Main Event from 10.15pm on Tuesday.
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    Vinnie on MOTD

    Vinnie is on Match of the Day tonight - BBC 1 - 10.25pm
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    Yaya at centre half?

    Good win this evening only marred by vinnies injury. We of course don't know how serious yet but with nasty out as well we're short at CB. Anyone remember Yaya at CB at Barca and would it be an option now? With Fernandinho playing a similar roll and Barry and Milner able to play centre...
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    Live games on SKY

    Sky have confirmed that they will show City's game against South China on 24th July in the Barclays Asia Trophy, on Sky Sports 1 HD (13:00 ko). They will also show the 3/4th place play-off (10:30 ko) and the Final (13:00) on 27th July.
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    What's the betting

    we get drawn against AC Milan in next seasons champs league, and come up against Mario and De Jong. On basis they qualify of course.
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    Michael Owen

    See he's taking a wage from the beeb again tonight on MOTD. He's made more appearances on MOTD than for Stoke this season.
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    MOTD 29/12/12

    35 Goals tonight, well worth a watch, we're on second after the 10 goals at Arsenal. running order 1.Arsenal/N'castle 2.Norwich/ManCity 3.Villa/Wigan 4.Stoke/Saints 5.S'land/Spurs 6.ManUtd/WBA 7.Ful/Swans 8.Reading/WHam
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    roberto de matteo sacked

    Reported on Talk Sport, interesting to see the effect on Chelsea for Sunday Sky also running he's been sacked
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    SKY Wireless Connector for Anytime+ - great deal

    Just a heads up guys, as SKY never advertise these things. If you have your SKY+ box in a different room to your SKY broadband wireless router, and you wanted to use SKY anytime or on demand services you previously needed to either move your router to the SKY+ box and connect with a cable or...
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    Community Shield 2012 City V Chelsea Programme - FREE

    I have five spare copies of the Community Shield 2012 Programme, new, mint condition. I'm happy to give these away to the first five people to PM me. You'll have to send me a A4 stamped addressed envelope with £1.40 in stamps on it, but the programme is free. I'll send you my address for you...
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    Madrid game on ITV

    See ITV have gone with Madrid v City as there opening champions league game. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... y-3553316/</a>
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    Messages under Shirts

    About time these were banned, another one from Tevez today, once in awhile is Ok, but every game is ridiculous.
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    Boyata gone on loan

    Boyata gone on loan to FC Twente, even thinner at CB now
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