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    £$€¥ The business of football

    The business of football is spectacle, action, suspense, event...and goals...with the most attractive and globally supported clubs elevating the game (at least in the eyes of the global marketing departments of tier one companies with multi-billion dollar marketing budgets). In the short term...
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    Save Our Soccer (SOS)

    S.O.S. Lots of talk about The Big Picture, but why reinvent the wheel for the benefit of just a few? TV revenues should be shared equally, and I don’t even understand why this is an issue. In addition, the PL & FA have all player contracts available to them. How about fines for Yellow cards...
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    Who will be our centre backs this season?

    Koulibaly, Laporte, Ake, Stones...KLAS! (+1 = THB) Throw in Fernandinho, Rodri & Walker and we have those positions stone cold covered! Garcia back to Barca Ota back to Spain
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    How many PL goals will we score this season?

    MODS: Don’t see any way to add a poll, but a 103-115 Goals For poll would be nice, just like the MOTM ones :-) 110 Huddersfield - 3 Brighton - 3 Soton - 2
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    Should we retire Number 42 when Yaya leaves?

    I mentioned in the David Silva thread that while we have not traditionally retired shirt numbers, because teams used the 1-11, in an era of squad numbers, is it time to identify and recognize the real game changers and giants of an era. As such, Yaya has been instrumental in the growth of Brand...
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    City set to dominate Utd for a generation

    Very interesting article, from an Irish publication no less, that shows how City have built a foundation for the future, and Utd have screwed up their Fergie succession...
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    Is it time to eat a little humble pie for Christmas?

    Like all of you, I’m in Dreamland over the season so far, and recent results have only served to make everyone of the naysayers sit up and take notice that this might be a very special team. However, are we in danger of turning this positivity into something more negative? We are currently...
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    Fixtures before & after CL games

    Mods: Did a quick search and didn't see anything regarding the fixtures that butt up against our Champioms League schedule. Please merge if there is one... Anyway, Palace (A) Sept 15-16 CL Matchday1 West Ham (H) Spurs (A) Sept 29-30 CL 2 Newc Utd (H) Bournemouth (H) Oct 20-21 CL 3 Man Utd...
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    S&P Capital IQ Virtual Credit Football League

    City climbed from 9th to 4th in the league, behind Ajax, Arsenal & Bayern, with St Etienne in 5th. So, City's credit risk is 4th best in the top 44 clubs in Europe, with Champions League revenues helping improve our lot while hurting that lot from Trafford! City, ruining football since 2008...
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    Lampard: MCFC vs NYCFC

    I'm not going to give Sam Wallace (The Independent, Dec 16) the pleasure of reposting his ridiculous article, but why is it that journos cannot simply understand that Lampard may well stay at City until the MLS season actually starts? NYCFC is going to be training in Manchester. Lampard is...
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    The Most Expensive Team Ever in the PL...

    .....Manchester United on Sunday morning!!! Manchester City.....finding a new way to ruin football every week, this time by beating the most expensive British team to ever play in the Premier League! I expect an FFP fine just for daring to win....and all without going into debt! Shameful!
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    City: Still ruining football....Oh wait..!

    Manchester City Scoops Awards for Premier League Fan Experience World Football Insider: October 14, 2014 Manchester City are the first club to win both the VisitFootball Club of the Year and Warmest Welcome awards. VisitFootball, a joint venture between the Premier League and the national...
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    Who is the best left midfielder we could buy?

    Been following the Reus thread. Currently, I see only one major "hole" in the City team and that is a left sided, two way, midfielder who will not go missing late in the game with the game on the line and City with their backs to the wall. Who fits that bill? Which player, anywhere in the...
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    Men in Blazers on NBCSN

    For those of you who are not familiar, Men in Blazers are two football fans/pundits/analysts who try to break down the game (and the stuff that goes on behind the scenes) for the NBC soccer fans in the States. They became quite famous for their bits at the World Cup, as they broadcast from a...
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    The future is STILL Blue

    Emotions have run high here today, but we need to keep things in the type of perspective that our ownership has taken in their building of the 21st Century Manchester City. We are now firmly cemented into the top tier of British AND European football and, with the infrastructure the Sheikh is...
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    New photographer?

    Was watching the Fernandinho interview and watching him having his pics taken at the Etihad and in the new gear, but noticed the old photog (Sharon) was not the one taking the pics, it was another woman. Was she part of the "Mancini purge?" Was she not "holistic" enough? Or did the "black...
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    City pay structure to use Barca Model

    From the Daily Star: Normally would not post paper talk, but this actually looks like a real, common sensical story! Sounds like a good move...Paying top dollar for success, which is what brings in the revenues that pays for it all.
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    Bye Bye Kolo

    Played as well as could be expected against a big strong CF and subbed off at the end. Shirt comes off before he even leaves the field, and straight down the tunnel. Thanks for all you did. Were never the most gifted defender, but always gave your all. Enjoy your next club, wherever it might...
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    Yaya in hospital in Abu Dhabi

    Looks like Yaya has picked up a touch of the 'flu!
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    Nice Milner write-up in Guardian

    James Milner's hard graft can be England's trump card Milner is no water career. He is a star. But one who is content to allow others to walk the red carpet Richard Williams, Saturday 8 September 2012 17.00 EDT Nobody makes a fuss about James Milner, which is exactly how he...
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