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    How did GPC get away with it ?

    He had a major row with the Irish racing millionaires over breeding rights,prompting them to sell their shares,after he took legal action,allowing the Glazers to pounce and force a takeover.The media and gullible Yoonitid fans seem to have given him a very easy ride for his involvement in this...
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    Spearfishing wetsuits

    Come on,who wants one ?
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    How things have changed

    We have won 4 very important away matches including at Wembley and our 5th at the Swamp on Sunday is arguably our least important of all of them... For years beating Rags was often a highlight of our season,how times have changed for the better for us Blues.
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    This country mockumentary

    Anyone watch the first 2 series of this ? My type of juvenile humour about life in the Cotswolds,3rd series starts a week on Monday Recommend it,catch it on iplayer.
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    4 away games on the run

    We have Leicester,Real Madrid,Sheffield Wednesday and Rags,2 either side of a Wembley trip sandwiched in the middle. Glory days hopefully but expensive if you are doing all..
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    Ronnie Pickering

    Anyone in need of a laugh on you tube look at Ronnie Pickering shouting at a motorcyclist on the road after a run in. Do you know who I am ?
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    11-15 City games left this season

    Worked out last night while I couldn’t sleep that we have a minimum of 11 games,a maximum of 15 and every number in between is possible ie 12,13,14,depending on progress in the Fa Cup and Champions league.Maximum of 5 at home.Play Spurs 3 times,Brighton twice,a possibility of Ajax/Juventus twice...
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    Stats amazing

    Apparently Newcastle have got an identical league record to last season including goals scored and against after the same number of that’s amazing as Paul Daniels would say...
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    4 home games on the trot

    This is quite a rare sequence of games especially that they all fall on different days,and none on a traditional Saturday,modern football ! Can’t remember ever having Thursday/Sunday/Wednesday/Monday games all at home.
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    The Brian Kidd way

    Mentioned this on here before,would like Manchester council to rename The Mancunian way to Brian Kidd way, a proper Mancunian born and bred and has served Manchester football for 50 years,almost all of his career apart from brief spells away,as the road sort of arterially connects the Etihad...
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    Panini 2018 World Cup stickers

    Fellow Blues, I have loads of swaps to give away if you are collecting these for the er kids send me your numbers required and if I have them I will post them out to you.
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    May 22 anniversary

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if City has something to celebrate on this date of the atrocity last year in our fine city,namely 3 days after the FA Cup final,maybe a treble trophy success to unite many Manchester people in coming together to show we are all defiant against terrorism and we are...
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    Guaranteed Xmas delivery

    All these sofa and furniture adverts guaranteeing Xmas delivery,what a load of bullshine overstating the importance of having it by 1 day that is far too commercialised now. I find it offensive that these marketing people think that’s a reason to buy now,not in January when some things are...
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    Using IPhone as a personal hotspot

    Daft question time,excuse my ignorance... If I use my iPhone as a personal hotspot to get an internet connection on my iPad,does it use data from my phone allowance ? Expect some sarcastic replies but fire away...
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    Quiz for all you Blue stattos out there

    Name the 15 teams City have beaten only once,away from home,in the Premier League,since it formed in 1992. I will give the answers tomorrow at noon,off to bed now...
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    Norwich away 30.10.76

    Today is the 39th anniversary of the 2-0 win at Carrow Rd,when the Viking theme tune was heard in the away end,stirring stuff for a 14 year old in one of my first away games following City.Was anyone else there and remember the day ? Got the Fieldsends coach from Eccles at 7 am for a very long...
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    Manchester City ship

    Working in the shipping business,came across the following article,and a ship called Manchester City launched in 1899.Wonder what the tie in with our newly formed club was at that time,would appreciate any research input,I will investigate further myself.Not bad for a club with no history ...
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    Flu jab

    Had it last night and it has wiped me out today,couldn't find the energy to get out of bed my head felt like it was going to explode,never again.
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    Recommend me a decent new estate car

    Looking for a diesel estate,good mpg,good boot space for the dog in the back.Looking at a Seat Leon 1.6 TDI SE with tech pack,returns 74 mpg.Any others i should be looking at in the 20-25 k range ?
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    How many words can you make out of Eliaquim Mangala

    While we are all bored waiting for him to be announced,will start with a few : Quim Mangle Meal Lean
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