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    Hope mill theatre

    This is the nearest theatre to our ground near the crusty cob bakers who do lovely Barms. This show may be if interest if you like the 60s, the city interest I take as a given. Theatre is in old Mill and is getting good feedback. Going to see Tommy Cooper tribute in July here too...
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    xbox one download failure

    help required please with the XBOX ONE - frustrated son he was trying to download FORZA5 with top gear cars pack, with a voucher code but the download did not complete, some technical issues happened (as he was setting up the controller he went paranoid and went to check on the game and when...
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    Folding Bikes

    Has anyone got one ? what do you think of it thinking of buying one for commute across Manchester 8-9 miles each way, thinking that may be too far on a folder folding as would like flexibility of bus / train if time pressures mean I need to be at work / home quicker or weather just bad other...
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    England Shirts ASDA

    According to hotukdeals official england shirts at Asda £25
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    Alicia keys - North wales

    Think its a session singer ? but I love this song Gutted did not get tickets for this weekend in Bangor
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    TRafford Libraries

    New library resource available- Through this new library service you can now access digital copies of The Manchester Guardian, The Guardian and The Observer free of charge from any library in Trafford or if you are a member of the libraries in Trafford you can gain access using your library...
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    powerpoint and you tube videos

    I am trying to put a You Tube video which I have downloaded into a powerpoint slide with no success I think it does not like the movie file format I have been online and I may be able to do it if I downlpad macromedia flash player but that will cost and then may still not work ? Has anyone done...
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    any good theme parks out there

    trying to sort out holidays in summer for kids and am looking at theme parks either for a couple of days in this country or a week in europe somewhere Seen reviews for Legoland london which seems awful, eurodisney the same , long queues , dirty etc etc anyone been to europa park , Germany which...
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    You tube to block uk music videos starting tonight !

    see Seems I had better start downloading some favs, seems a shame as I actually watch loads , you come across new stuff through the links as well. I have bought CDs from hearing stuff on here and following up the comments found other stuff I...
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    Neil Young Tour

    See Neil is back this year Isle of Wight Festival, UK Dublin, Ireland on June 21 Nottingham, UK on June 23 Aberdeen, UK on June 24 Saw him at Apollo last year and he was excellent esp acoustic set anyone been to Nott Trent Arena , is it any good as this could be the nearest he comes to...
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