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    Odd stat from this season?

    Just watching the recent home games against Palace, Burnley and Sunderland and something struck me...from checking the match stats from all our home games this season including Champions league games, we have only scored 2 goals from open play whilst attacking the South Stand end since end of...
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    Bell or Silva?

    My 14 year old son steadfastly refuses to believe there has ever been a better midfield player at City than David Silva, oh the impetuosity of youth. I keep telling him that King Colin was, in my opinion, City's best ever midfield player (and you can keep your Georgian midfield maestros). So...
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    City's winner on Sunday

    I can't stop watching it and it's such an odd goal, so many little things about it went our way, so many fine margins involved, that it strikes me as odd and almost like it was fate. Firstly, it starts when Nasri thinks the ball has come off Wright-P and lets the ball go out for a throw in...
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    For all you loyal Blues

    My son and I come down for 3/4 home games a season from Edinburgh and have done for the last few years since he has finally started to support City, as I have done for more than 40 years now. I'm delighted for the club and for all of us, it's been a long long wait and there is so much more to...
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    Anyone see that the little fud doing his holy moly crap in the centre circle before the Ajax match last night. I really hate that "look at me" crap he does, not even at the side of the pitch but right there in the centre circle where you can't miss him. Fair enough, he thinks religion is...
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