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    Repercussions - From the PL, FA, UEFA and within the Club

    I thought the CAS case was the messiest saga we'd ever face, this might just top it. When the dust settles and the ESL disbands officially, we could be facing sanctions along with the 12 that signed up. Would you agree this could be likely? Points deduction from league Suspended season from CL...
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    The Etihad Pitch

    In the midst of our great winning streak, I saw a lot of comments on the state of the pitch during the Wolves game. We had a few home games for sure but nothing too bad, nor has the weather been horrific. I felt bad that so many were slagging it off - Lee Jackson and his team have been...
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    Best Goal Celebration

    The famous or infamous, an old one or more recent one. What's your favourite? How many regular celebrations have their been like Beagrie/Jesus who come to mind straight way? One-off's will always be more memorable. Poll included for a bit of fun. Also have we ever had the team or group...
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    City Kit Manufacturers

    Leeds have left Kappa for Adidas. It got me thinking about our home kits. Umbro by far our top kit producer with 19 home kits. Then: Nike/Le Coq Sportif on 6 Reebok 3 Puma 2 Kappa 1 Figures could be skewed from when they used to change a shirt every two seasons to what is every season now X 4...
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    2019/20 Results. *Warning Contains Spoilers*

    "Ahead of what promises to be another exhilarating year of Premier League and European football, BT Sport teamed up with some of the world's foremost experts in both sports and artificial intelligence to produce a ground-breaking prophecy of the forthcoming season. Powered by data kings Google...
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    The undroppables?

    Every single player in the squad is back in training. That's unheard-of at this point in the season, for us especially and maybe the league. Testament to the medical staff and of course Dr Cugat. The players obviously work hard too keeping cardio up. Well done all. Now the attentions turn to...
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    Shane Burns - Inside City

    Follow anyone on Twitter that covers City, but WTF went on here?! Should rise above petty squabbles Imo.
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    Princess Parkway road closure.

    Car overturned on Parkway going south. Happened in last 30 mins I reckon. Closed off. Wanted to let any blues know (or even Watford fans). Hope the driver ok
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    The cold and flu thread

    Drop in temps mean the start of cold and flu season. Office chancers take a sickie as soon as anyone within a 5m radius has so much off a snotty nose. You know the line "i must have your cold", despite 200 strains of the virus out there. Shares in Nurofen and Lemsip go through the roof and...
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    "Where in Manchester" quiz?

    To enter, find the location below on google street view and post the URL as proof. Go!
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    Craft Beer Scene.. Love it or loathe it?

    You know the how it goes.. a new trendy bar opens, you walk in, look for the taps and there's nothing on display. You have to read through a sodding chalkboard list of expensive drinks usually listed in ridiculous measures like 2/3rds of a pint. I personally find it's ruining my social...
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    93:20 released today, beach appeared outside Urbis.... (kit reveal??) **edit Trio? Fernando, Fernandinho and Jesus!
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    Transfer Window dates

    The transfer window opens Friday 9 June and closes 11pm Thursday 31st August France, Germany, Italy and Spain open on June 1st and shut August 31st. 19th June to September 14th for China to prolong the agony. Now considering Spain seems to get pretty much all the top targets.. should we open...
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    PL Pre-Season Thread

    Less than 2 weeks to more football.... Sky: SAT 23RD JULY Celtic v Leicester City (Roberts Watch!) 17:30 - International Champions Cup - North America, Sky Sports 1 HD (17:00) TUE 26TH JULY Juventus v Tottenham Hotspur 11:00 - International Champions Cup - North America, Sky Sports 1 HD...
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    CFA Living Quarters

    Wondered if anyone knows the answer to whether the CFA is used for players to 'live-in' yet? Remember when the plans went up there were plans for 1st Team, EDS, and parents to be able to stay over. But never saw any photos or reference to this. Also, do the 1st team use the CFA post match for...
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    Doritos Roulette

    Hell fire.... I've got jug of water here and my wife has had two pints of milk... hotter than the bloody sun. For those that haven't tried em.. tangy cheese doritos for 85% of the bag with really f***** hot ones making up the rest. Not buying them ever again.
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    Transfer Fees to English Clubs

    Forget the media slant on excessive transfer fee's, they should welcome we've given so much money back to English football and it's clubs. So who owes us the biggest thank you? I'll start off with Arsenal... Nasri £24m, Clichy £7m, Adebayor £25m, Kolo £16m = £72m (we also reduced the wage bill...
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    Hong Kong Open the pic and scroll left to right slowly. Never realised the sheer size and depth of the city. Anyone been?
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    Empty seats.. worsening trend?

    We all see comments on social media by rival fans about it. Personally, I thought it was always over-exaggerated and not that bad. Sold out signs are up on most games, so it's presumably a case of people picking and choosing their matches. However... it's been worse this season. How bad is it...
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    The Xmas Works Do.

    Where did you have yours? Was it free food/drink? Mine: FECK ALL. Been at current place for 4 years. Year 1, 2 pints free on a £5 ticket??? Next 2 were "we are not contributing, sorry but organise your own". This year, the management have organised their own do and not mentioned a fecking...
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