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    minutes silence

    Our supporters always respect any tributes /silences for our own and opposing teams , we have been impeccable ever since i started watching the club in the 60's , but what is annoying at the Etihad is that everyone inside the stadium are silent but the noise from the various concourses in the...
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    Balon D'Or

    Bernardo Silva , has won the Premier League (back to back and record breaking points totals), FA Cup , Caraboa Cup , Community Shield , Nations league , player of the tournament and Player of the year at a record breaking club which created history by winning the first English domestic treble...
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    Greatest ever captain ?

    We have had some superb leaders of men , i go back to Tony Book , Doyle , Watson , Morrison and so many more but Vincent Kompany has combined leadership with unparalleled success , in the modern game you have to conduct yourself immaculately and he has done every thing asked of him to be...
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    Samir Nasri - 2017/18 performances

    Nasri showed enough against the Rags , he is still a class player , but it is upto Samir if he wants to stay and compete for a starting place , he doesnt appear to have the hunger or desire and would rather be farmed out for an easy life to a mid table european side , because either way he picks...
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    20,000 empty seats at Old Trafford tonight

    The amount of crap we have endured and their 659m fan base can't fill Old Vacant Toilet
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    first three games away from home

    Went on the stadium tour today , nice day out , the pitch has been ripped up for a new playing surface , but i was told by a good "source" , that the first three league games will be away from home next season, because the new section of seating will not be completed until the end of August ...
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    Not sure if this has been covered on another thread , but is anyone else frustrated at the lack of long range shots we attempt , we appear to want to walk the ball into the net. The last few games Silva, yaya , aguero, dinho to name a few have had excellent positions to pull the trigger , but...
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    is this a viable option? , Spain and Barca have played without a forward player , looks like we could be forced into a similar formation , we might just get away with it , in the next 4 games until we get a fit striker back or sign a player in January
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