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    Help Required - Outpatients Appointment at Salford Royal

    I'm hoping somebody can help here. To cut a long story short, my wife has an appointment for a scan at the gastroenterology department at Salford Royal this weekend. Whilst the appointment is confirmed, due to an admin cock-up, she hasn't received a letter. My wife is in a right state because...
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    What are your favourite 2020 albums?

    Like many people, most of my favourite music is from years ago. However, I regularly listen to new albums and have found a lot to like this century. Here's a list of my favourite albums from this year - I listen to rock/Americana/folk/blue/country most of the time, so it might seem skewed. 1...
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    BBC News HD Missing (Freeview Channel 107)

    Anybody missing the multiplex that carries BBC News HD and BBC 4 HD (Freeview) from Winter Hill? Did a manual retune and the channels don't show up. There was some note from the BBC about the need to retune on 4th November, but I didn't see BBC News HD as being one of the channels affected.
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