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    Any ex-pats living out there at the moment? Been offered a job and could do with some advice... PM me if you can help!
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    City fan hurt at Schalke - now in UK - msg on P39 (Donation link on P 36) Get well soon blue - anyone know what happened? Donation link here:
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    Cladding in privately owned residential blocks

    I live and own a city centre flat and have just been asked to stump up £15,000 for the replacement of the cladding, which doesn't pass fire inspection tests. Is there anyone on here who has any advice in terms of where I stand legally? The original construction firm dissolved in 2014 and the...
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    Looks like I'm off to Hydrabad with work for a week in a couple of weeks, anyone on here been? Any tips on what to see/do, expect etc would be great. Already accepted that I'm getting the shits, so that 'when was the last time you soiled yourself' thread might get a visit...
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    Director of company/shareholders

    Evening blues, I've got a question I could do with some help with for those who own their own businesses and have an understanding about dividends, shareholders, directors, and all that exciting stuff. In short, I've been asked to be a Director of a friends fairly new start up based in...
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    Khaldoon interview

    First part up on now. Always an interesting watch.
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    Kell Brook tickets

    Got two spare for Kell Brooks fight against Errol Spence on 27 May at Bramhall Lane. Face value of course, so £44 each.
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    Martial arts

    Can anyone recommend a good martial arts place in the city centre for an absolute beginner?
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    Old Shirts Wanted - Malawi

    Afternoon blues, I'm patron for a charity called 'Goals to Excel' which aims to use football to promote good health, help relieve poverty and support the development of life skills through football, for children in Malawi, one of the poorest countries on earth. You can find more about us here...
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    U18's v Liverpool

    Going to this tomorrow morning, anyone know where to pick pre ordered tickets up from? Main ticket office at the Ethiad, or kiosks around the CFA?
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    Artificial grass

    Can anyone recommend where to get some from? It's only for a balcony and I'd need it pre-cut. If anyone is in the trade could they let me know, happier to send the business the way of a blue.
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    Is anyone particularly handy with Photoshop? I'm trying to help a charity which uses Football as a way to help children and young people in Malawi and could do with a little bit of help. PM me if you could spare half an hour. Thanks.
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    The Masters

    Best week of the golfing year for me and I can't wait for it to start tomorrow. Who's everyone backing? Will Woods be competitive? Going for a few outsiders myself in : Moore 100/1 Blixt 150/1 Harrington 150/1
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    Anyone speak Croatian?

    Probably a long shot, but since we have a worldwide fanbase nowadays I thought I would ask the question. I could do with a couple of sentences translated if anyone would be so kind...
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    Washing Machines knackered

    Appreciate that this is a strange request for a Wednesday evening, even for here, but does anyone know of any decent Washing Machine repair men in Manchester?
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    Walking in Manchester

    Can anyone recommend any places to walk this weekend that have great views of Manchester? Not too fussed whether they are in North or South Manchester as long as they are reasonable close to the City Centre.
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    Genuine question, is this site for real? And when your done reading why a mother wants dinosaurs banning from the curriculum due to 'poor values' venture to the other...
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    Me and the misses have just booked for four nights in May. Anyone been? Any recommendations etc?
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    TShirt Printing

    Does anyone know of any good t shirt printers in Manchester? Rather give the business to a local company rather than a corporate online one.
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    City centre supporters club

    Recently moved to Manchester City centre and looking to join for the season. I've tried emailing them a couple of times but no reply, is anyone else a member that could help out?
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