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    Boost Growth Hormone BY 2000%!

    Anti aging hormone..intermittent fasting will boost your growth hormone, 16/8 eating window or longer 18/6 i prefer...
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    Blackpool unhealtiest place in England

    Hull, Stoke-on-trent, middlesbrough and Hartlepool make up the top five. A few years back Liverpool held the no1 spot..its grim up North
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    Favourite 90s aftershave

    Hugo.. Hugo Boss, still got some
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    Key food to extend your lifespan by 5 years

    Oily fish a few times a week..that simple!
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    Frequent masturbation reduces prostate cancer

    1 a day keeps the doctor away..
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    Heart Disease No1

    It is still the no1 cause of death. Heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined plus all chronic respirator deaths. 75% preventable..look after your ticker..
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    South Africa riots

    Absolute carnage 72 dead so far. Thankfully lions fans not out there..
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