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    Anyone at the ground?

    As above
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    Pep to quarantine

    Apologies if already posted Pep has to quarantine when he gets back from Spain, for two weeks, according to BBC which presumably means he won’t be taking training. Is this going to effect us much? discuss
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    Anyone got any? I don’t like spiders. I know it’s irrational, I know they’re probably more scared of me blah blah, but they fucking terrify me. Not the little ones so much but the big fuckers that you find in the bath. creepy fuckers
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    Handball rule is changing again

    The updated law states that an attacker's accidental handball is only punished if it occurs 'immediately' before a goal or goal-scoring opportunity. As of next season
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    Thiago Silva

    Leaving PSG on a free along with Cavani would you take him, or is he past it?
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    Season 17 of us being linked with him yay or nay?
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    Istanbul song

    Can we have this back next season? Ta
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    Your dream cup run

    For a bit of fun while we have no real football to entertain us: If we could win one of the domestic cups and you got to pick the opponents, who are you knocking out on the way? I’m not sure the cups are long enough for my list, but I’ll throw in: FC United Stockport Millwall Leeds Stoke...
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    Matchday Metrolink Season Ticket

    Thinking of getting one of the these next season, do they have a name and / or picture on? asking because I share a season ticket with my brother so not much use if only one of us can use it!
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    Is it right

    That we are the oldest club left in the Champions League? No history ...
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    Penalty takers

    Who are the 5 if it goes to penalties on Sunday? Hart Aguero Yaya Are the obvious ones Hopefully Kolarov is told to stay away.
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    Football Gold: Man City vs Gillingham

    For anyone who is still up at 2.15am, Sky Sports 1 have a 15 minute programme / highlights of the Gillingham game
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    Everyone's equal except football fans

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... otball-fan</a> Couldn't see this posted elsewhere, well worth a read
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    Where's Kia the snake gone?

    Not heard a peep from the slimy twat since Tevez came back. Is he keeping a low profile or have City finally persuaded Tevez to get rid?
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    Balotelli - no action to be taken (merged)

    If we assume for now he won't be charged for the Song tackle… Is it just a one game ban for the two yellows or does he get more because it's not his first red of the season?
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    T in the park

    Going for the first time this year, anyone been before? Good; shite? Looking forward to seeing the Stone Roses as I missed out on tickets for their gig, hope they don't pull out!
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    Why is it...

    That a referee can miss a foul by a player, then be offered a chance to see it again on video after the game and reassess what action he should have took? (ie Balotelli) BUT if the referee misses the ball crossing the line, he isn't allowed to see it again and reassess the decision he has...
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    Favourite City moments of 2010

    I'll start us off : Bridge refusing to shake Terry's hand on the way to us winning 4-2 at 'Fortress' Stamford Bridge. Join in!
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    The referee today . . .

    Was a biased, inconsistent, six fingered, inbred, Bolton loving twat. Discuss.
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    Inter eyeing Messi approach.

    Inter Milan owner Massimo Moratti has claimed he could hold talks with Barcelona over the availability of Lionel Messi. Messi is considered one of the best footballers on the planet having won numerous personal accolades including the Ballon d'Or in 2009. The Argentina international has also...
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