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    Pubs showing 3pm KOs

    Heading down tomorrow and wondering if any of the nearby pubs show the 3pm games? Mary Ds and Bradford Inn look close by. Cheers in advance
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    Feb fixture times Supposed to be announced today but no news yet, any word on a delay like the December fixtures? Trying to arrange travel down for the Leicester game.
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    Guardian's top 100 footballers Hard to be objective about these things but some interesting placings and a few not on the radar. Dinho obviously not been watched as closely as he is here, should be much...
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    Aguero/Fernandinho suspensions

    So with the situation we're now in, for me the most effective and influential 2 players gone, do we just replace with kelechi and fernando and play the same system? Can we bring Yaya back into the deeper role like he used to play in? Whats the chat with delph? Play sterling/kdb/nolito up top or...
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    24 hour pubs

    Down in Manchester tomorrow on a night out and train back to Scotland is at 9, don't plan on going to bed in between so was wondering if there were any decent pubs in town that are 24 hour? Have heard northern quarter is the place for that, and apparently 7 oaks is a possibility. Any info much...
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