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    The Invisible Man (Soriano) speaks...

    Has this one been discussed yet?
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    U17 Euro Championship

    Just watching the opening game between Spain and Austria. Do we have anyone playing in this tournament?
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    Playing the kids - manager or club decision?

    Like many I've been disappointed with the lack of opportunity given to our kids this season, particularly in the cups. But I'd also like to see kids come through from the bench in the league as well. Also like many I accept that there are some very good reasons why kids havent had more...
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    Pre season in Melbourne

    Apparently. Games against Inter Milan (Mancini) and Real Madrid scheduled for the MCG in mid July.
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    Got to be worth another year surely?
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    Football - More than a game

    Free online course starting next month. May be of interest to some of you.
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    Keeping pace with Chelsea

    Probably the best comparison to make given the impact of ownership changes to both clubs. 6 seasons since the takeover we've won 2 premier league titles, an FA Cup and a league cup. After 6 years under Roman, Chelsea had won 2 premier league titles, two FA Cups and 2 league cups. So we're a...
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    Trams on Sunday

    Before 1pm The following tram services will operate: Bury to Ashton Rochdale to Etihad Campus The following services will operate with replacement buses: Altrincham to Piccadilly East Didsbury to Piccadilly Eccles to Piccadilly via MediaCityUK After 1pm: The following tram services will...
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    Opening game between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers on ESPN now. It's being played in Sydney, the transformation of the SCG from a cricket/Aussie Rules stadium to a ballpark has been amazing. Been a Dodger fan since the 80's, and very excited about the game today and the season ahead.
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    Melbourne City FC Thread

    Anything in these rumours we're about to buy Melbourne Heart?
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    Pellegrini wins manager of the month.

    Manager of the month Can't see another thread. MP got a nomination. Guess who else (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)
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    Michael Schumacher

    Serious head injury from a skiing accident apparently. Has any news come out?
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    Uwe to Wigan (merged)

    So say ssn
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    Stand leaders

    Can fuck right off
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    Altrincham Metrolink

    Not sure of exact details but looks like Altrincham line isnt going all the way into Picadilly again. Might need to allow a bit more time to get in. I won't bother paying for the pass again as they seem to plan maintenance around our home games.
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    Got one of these off ebay the other day. Was playing it for about an hour and it just switched itself off. When I turned it back on it just shut down straight away. Tried it the next day and it lasted about 10 minutes before switching itself off. Now it struggles to last 5 minutes. I believe...
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    Your player twin

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Got Shaun Maloney, and then Ryan Shawcross with an older photo
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    Champions League pots

    For those interested. We're currently ranked 19th in Europe, however six clubs ranked above us (Arsenal, Inter, Valencia, Milan, Schalke and Liverpool) wouldn't qualify for the Champions League if their season was to end today. So that puts us at 13th spot and in the second pot. However there...
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    Remember Sporting Integrity

    This is almost as good as one of Romanov's rants. Rangers clearly just don't get it, they have no-one to blame but themselves for the situation they're in. And if we're lecturing on sporting integrity in Scottish Football I'm fairly sure Rangers won't be the first ones other clubs are looking at...
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    Jeremy Helan

    Got Graham Polled today, two yellows and stayed on the pitch. Didn't even know he was out on loan to be honest.
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