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    Watching England in Scotland

    Going up to Turnberry with 8 lads this week to play golf. We will be watching futba in a bar , 2 questions. 1 , have any lads had any good, or bad experiences watching England up there. 2, Have any Scottish lads any advice on tactics when watching England up there. We are not sure if we are...
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    Celebrities to endorse vaccine

    A great idea by the government; So who should be chosen to lead the campaign? My two are Ronnie O Sullivan, and our very own Kyle Walker.
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    Abbco tower

    Apologies if already a thread, but has anyone any knowledge of this fire. Is it the same cladding as granville and were there casualties.
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    Criticism of Pep

    I seem to be reading more and more anti or negative pep posts on this forum. Careful what you wish for blues. Genius is not common
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    Raheem to Barca, Madrid.

    I hear a thousand drumming footsteps coming this way. As they get nearer I see placards, waving bits of paper, headlines ,articles, all saying the same thing. As they get nearer still , I see their faces. Anguished, unhappy, threatening. Wait these are the same faces who said he was a bad boy...
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    Brazil prison riot leaves 57 dead.

    Hardly believable 57 dead in riot, not heard anything else yet.
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    Things mother made you do

    We were poor. Mother used to make me clean my teeth with a mixture of soot and salt. Was she being abusive or was it accepted culture in Manchester ? What did your Mother make you do boys and girls?
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    Is it true that there are no Gary's under the age of 30, is it the end for Gary,and that they will be extinct before 2050 ?
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