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    RB Leipzig ticket - free

    Unfortunately can’t attend this tomorrow night. But now club have had a change of heart I’m happy to add someone on me friends and family and transfer it for free. Block 106 Cheers blues
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    Last battle on British soil and it ended with beers all round

    I love stories like this. 27 September marks the anniversary of the last battle fought on British soil between a foreign invader and British forces. Whilst initially considered a squirmish it is now recognised as a battle so gets the title of last battle. Once the German aircrew...
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    Jean-Pierre Adams

    Dies after 39 years in a coma
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    Come on lads and lasses

    I know not everyone up here visits off topic/ the cellar but this blue needs our help if you don’t mind. And any lurking fans of other clubs pay your BM dues and have a look please. Let’s get it past 10k at the...
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    66 World Cup final

    On Channel 4 at 5:40 today. Full game in colour. If you don’t want to know the score look away now
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    Pep has a straightener with Tebas

    About time Pep lad
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    Scam marriage

    This bloke was scammed out of $250k and married the wedding planner as part of the rouse. Has now employed some Ukrainian investigators to get his cash back - who don’t play by the rules - and the perpetrators are now complaining about intimidation. Long article but worth a read...
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    Embarrassing moments in life

    We’ve all had them. Today I was caught short needing a shit in John Lewis. I hate using public toilets for a poo and would normally wait until the turtle was touching the undercrackers, but I knew I was going to be In town for a few hours. As most you hesthen cunts won’t know JL has unisex...
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    Britney Spears

    That is one fucked up situation. Her father indicating she now has dementia as she tries to have his control over her affairs overturned. Is there no depth he won’t sink to to keep his hands on her cash? I’ve no doubt she was in crisis at one point in her life but she was then able to...
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    Sellotape and tape in general

    Cunting stuff. Constantly gets stuck to itself and I’m forever losing the end and then having to get a grown up to find it again. Which is very emasculating. And when I bite off packing tape bits of it end up in my throat. Worse than a fucking pube. What’s the knack for this shit? And...
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    Hocus Pocus 2

    If you’re having a thread on fucking Star Wars I’m having this. 2022 seems a life time away but I genuinely have not anticipated a film with so much excitement before. If you don’t like Hocus Pocus the door is <<< that way, open it, and fuck off and when you get there fuck off some more...
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    Wet weekend at work

    I’m what you might say am a lady in my early 50s and I like to think I look after myself. Anyway there is this very nerdy kid, I say kid but he must be in his 30s, who has been following me around like a lost puppy at work. I’m not going to lie to you - I’ve found it flattering. Anyway we’ve...
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    Personalised tax statements

    I simply don't get the point of these this has to be one of the daftest ideas yet. I honestly can't think of a single way this will benefit either the taxpayers or our society, we know approximately where the government spends money, we know how much tax we pay, we can pretty much work it out...
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    Unbelivable that this was allowed to die with Maurice Ward.
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    Living with a cat with dementia

    Anyone got any experience of this? My cat is getting on a bit and has, I fear, succumbed to senile dementia. He will often go outside, come back in a while later then obviously forget why he came back in and go out again. If he is inside at around 4am he starts meowing incredibly loudly at...
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    Mars One

    Just been reading about this. It's a one way trip to Mars is being planned for a human settlement. Due to leave in 10 years they have whittled down a list of 200,000 hopefuls to around 705. There will be a reality tv show to select the final 20-40 with viewers picking the "winners" funded...
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    Ads and pop-up video on iphone

    Anyone else getting a video play everything they go to post in a thread on their iphone? Also keep getting a corals pop-up.
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    Comet 67P

    Quite a feat this
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    Lost tribe

    Lost tribe in amazon makes contact for first time with outsiders. I can't post the youtube video from work so here is link to article Their undercrackers are...
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    Fed up of the political bickering of left and right I seek the middle ground. Can we all just agree this man is a clueless ****. Although his image cuts a pleasing shape
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