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    After years of abusing my lugholes ...

    Yes just been for a Hearing Test and I`m not in the least surprised that I will now have to wear two hearing aids due to the constant misuse of ones earholes. Way back in the 1970/80`s I was diagnosed with "Disco Deafness" due to wearing a pair of headphones and having the volume of my music sky...
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    RAC You are a bl**dy disgrace

    The wife and youngest daughter have been away for a week in Cornwall with the two dogs. On the M6 by Junction 10 her van decided to completely grind to a halt but they were just coming up to Police Turn In Area so at least they were pretty safe. This was at 7.00 pm last night. Daughter phones...
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    Home Alone Part 33 (Oakies by himself)

    A week all by myself with not a person in sight.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so blissfull. The missus and youngest daughter have just left for a week in Cornwall and our son (29 and stilll lives with us) is also away camping in Barmouth with 10 of `em. Now what shall I get up to ? Two nights in...
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    New sponsor or just a business short term deal EXPO 2021 Dubai

    Is this more monies into the coffers or just a business arrangement via Dubai to stage us at the event.
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    What are your favourite fruits ?

    Tops for me are raspberries, oranges and nice juicy nectarines.Not much I don`t like but never go for apples. Fresh pineapple is wonderful. So whats your like/dislike ?
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    Enzo Maresca to leave EDS for Parma role

    Enzo Maresca is to leave his position at Head Coach of Manchester City’s Elite Development Squad in order to take up a new challenge as manager of Italian club Parma. EDS & ACADEMY The 41-year-old joined City last summer and oversaw a season which saw City’s EDS youngsters claim a first-ever...
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    A big thank you to you ... City fans

    With all the upset and rage from fans every where, ref the proposed and now dead as a dodo, ESL, as an individual I just wanted to say a big "thank you" to City fans for controlling their emotions at the biggest bollock dropped by our Owner and Board and so far NOT a protest in sight. We`ve seen...
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    Are you sampling the delights of hops,barley and water later today ?

    I shall be wondering off to my local boozer at about 2.30 pm and will be having a session on the best pint of Guinness for miles, at The George & Dragon, Winsford with a couple of good friends, a True Blue and a Gooner (he`s a good lad actually). Anyone else out on the lash after work ?
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    Are we really "the best team in the world" right now?

    High praise indeed from Ancelotti but are we really the Best Team in the World right now. Yes I know we`ve been singing about it for decades but are we really. Based on the number of wins in all competitions is remarkable and I`ve always maintained we have the best in the world .. Pep. So do we...
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    At least some of you like me ... well sort of.

    Only just seen my "like"post numbers and hadn`t realised I`ve now hit the 5000 mark. See I`m a FOC but at least some of you like me. ;)
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    Snowing big style here in Winsford

    Wow snowing big style here. Anyone else getting a white New Year ?
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    The BIG 70 for Oakie today (1/1/51)

    Another milestone for yours truly, as today (1st January) I reach my 70th birthday and being born in St Marys Hospital,Manchester makes it all the more rewarding as I can call myself a true Mancunian. All the best to my fellow Blues for a great 2021. Cheers, Oakie
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    Whatever happened to the Ferno video ?

    I subscribe to the City+ programme and was expecting by now to see the Ferno video. Have I missed it ?
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    Jailed for having sex with chickens and his dog...

    A supermarket worker has been banned from keeping animals for life after admitting to having sex with chickens and a dog. Shane Waters's sick sexual abuse of animals came to light after a farmer discovered a number of injured and dead birds at his Accrington farm. Waters, 40, also admitted...
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    Anyone else getting "paid" for having Covid Testings ?

    Mods sorry but I`ve NOT seen this on the Covid thread. Myself,wife and son are getting "paid" by the Office of National Statistics for taking part in the Government initiative of monthly home Covid Testings which are carried out on your doorstep. We signed up and we EACH receive a one off...
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    Bobby Charlton diagnosed with dementia

    WOW plenty of the old brigade (not just OT) having severe and life threatening illnesses of late.
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    Nobby Stiles RIP

    A great character and wasn`t a bad player. RIP Norbert.
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    Are you expecting kids to come TRICK or TREAT on Halloween Night

    With our household in lock down due to me having Covid,I will be putting a note on my door,warning parents don`t expect us to open the door. We`ve always supported this night as all our 3 kids loved it but surely now is not the time for parents to expect "it`ll be OK as kids are at less risk"...
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    Why can`t we win 0-13 like Ajax

    Wonder if we`ll ever hit 13 in one game ... or will it take us 13 games nowadays ? ;)
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    Senseless killing of a top mates step son

    Just heard some shocking news from one of my best mates,that his step son was murdered last night through once again another knife attack,here in Winsford.Last week three people were attacked and hospitalised after a machette attack. We really do need to address this national problem and even...
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