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    Oxford (a) post-match thread

    There you go
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    Seasoncard for sale

    last two games involving Spurs have seen me watch both daughters be devastated at the VAR outcome Personally I have had enough of the farce and trying to justify to the two of them why we still go. 18 games to left In all Cup schemes if you want and enough points not to worry about joining...
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    Wembley tickets - Update Page 9

    With their usual efficiency the club have sent out the FA Cup Final tickets as stated. They were mixed in the post this morning so opened them up with glee. Except there were only two tickets where there should be five. Then checked the tickets, correct block but wrong row and seat number. So...
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    Gender neutral toilet

    Had a meeting at a Government building today and the gents toilet, which used to be on the left, and the ladies, on the right, have been replaced with two gender neutral toilets, which confused the fuck out of several of us who wondered whether they could be used by non gender neutral people
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    New Ticket Website, not fit for purpose

    Details of ticket sales not put up until they go on sale. Sometimes you can’t log in because of a queue, never happened previously. Can’t see who you are able to but for before selecting seats. Can now longer see the points allocated for Friends and Family All tickets are assigned to one person...
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    Vancouver Blues - help needed

    Where’s a good place to watch the game tomorrow? Staying near BC Place, they may have it on in the hotel but won’t know till later.
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    Football is fixed blog

    I'm fully aware that the ostriches will soon be along dismissing everyone as wearing a tin foil hat but the chap who writes this makes serious money from his work in anti-corruption. His blogs have been locked for some years now pending a new book but access seems to have been given through the...
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    Travel ideas European away day, Liverpool

    Right lads and lasses, first trip to Liverpool for a Euro away so anyone any suggestions on flights, hotels, decent bars where we can congregate or is there a fan zone? I sure some of you will come up with some right bargains, I always like to hear the varied routes people take to get there.
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    the brave few off to Monaco

    Just to piss off @mancitymick is anyone there yet? Just sat on the runway at Manchester Airport before setting off to Amsterdam to get a connecting flight to Nice So far the booking of hotel and flights have been a nightmare, and getting to the airport today has been as well, due to the...
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    FA Cup Third Round - West Ham (a) 7.55pm Friday 6th Jan

    When was the last time we drew a team from beneath the Championship?
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    Sinclair's Oyster Bar refusing blues

    Just been turned away from this popular watering hole for the heinous crime of wearing a white t-shirt with MCFC written on it. And yet another Manchester pub, Manchester the home of football, treats its football fans as second class citizens. I've been going to Sinclair's since it first opened...
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    driving to Southampton?

    Carry on past the usual Oxford turn off on the M40 because the A34 is shut north of Oxford
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    Schadenfreude, I love this word

    A German word meaning 'pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. I once had a senior managers job for a firm for thirteen years and left on promotion. Several years later the previous firm was looking for a boss. By now they were in the doldrums and their failures were my particular...
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    The true secret of Leicester City's success / doping thread merged

    an interesting read that will be lost during the game so will bump it later
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    Could you help a blue and retweet my daughter's poster?

    My daughter is currently studying for her PhD and has designed a poster around her project and could do with some help to win a science competition. Can you retweet her please?
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    For those that go

    is there a difference in opinions between those that make the effort to go to matches and this that watch it on TV/t'internet
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    Sevilla away sold out!

    Came down to the ticket office this morning for two tickets, I was fourth in line. Got upstairs to be told that there are none available!
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    Under 18s v Blackburn

    Arrived late as it's the middle of bleedin' nowhere Zac Fauor scored a screamer just after getting here, I believe Blackburn had already scored. Ref letting a lot of niggly fouls go unpunished Walking to the pitch I saw the under 16s score.
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    Best music decade

    Having seemingly touched a nerve over Tolmie's over reliance on poor 80s bands I thought I'd start a thread on the best music decade For me it is the Seventies From the heavy rock of Deep Purple, Humble Pie, Led Zeppelin..... To the progressive rock of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Gong, Caravan...
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    Sam Tattum

    Has just signed his first professional contract with City Congrats Sam
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