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    How are you all then? Been very busy so not been in here much. My economic predictions seem to be coming true, though the housing market has yet to drop by as much as I thought. If you remember I said something like a 40-50% drop from peak to trough followed by a long period of doldrums and...
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    Want to see Duffy at the Apollo tonight?

    I have two stalls standing tickets for Duffy at the Apollo tonight (Saturday) but my daughter has caught the winter vomiting virus and we aren't going to be able to go. I'm looking for face value for the tickets - £47 - and I'll bear the £11 service and delivery charges I've paid. I have...
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    Stockport Council regrading

    Anyone else affected?
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    Houses again

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> "House prices will not get back to the levels they peaked at in 2007 until 2013, the Centre for Economics and Business...
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    User Control Panel

    Top right on my screen just below the advert and next to FAQ and Members... Is this like the Pools Panel? Do the mods vote how they think we would post when we aren't here and they generate posts for us? I think we should be told.
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    Been a giggle. Relax - I haven't got another 10k in me. I hope you all get the season you want.
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    Housing market again, again ... d=11848948 Now that is a little drop, don't you think? Big reason why house prices haven't dropped yet is that mortgages aren't being offered so people can't buy at any price.
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    Electronics question

    I am going to build something that uses a very small 12v fan as the only electrical component. The fan is rated at 1.5 amps and will run 24/7. I am going to hook it up to a car battery and hook that up to a solar panel. I want, as far as possible, to be able to set it up and forget about...
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    London Trains

    At the moment there are cheap advance train tickets available for the West Ham and Arsenal games. Around £13 each way. They are limited and can only be booked this far ahead. If you are thinking of going, save yourself about £30 on the normal cheap day return fare...
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    Expensive IT support

    I got a flyer through the post from BT. They are doing IT support at home and it is on special offer for the first 1000 customers in certain North West postcode areas. The price? £39.99 for the first 30 mins then £30 per 30 mins thereafter plus parts....
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    O2 vs Orange

    Any opinions? Ornage Racoon £35 seems an amazing deal. (Not certain about coverage where I am having problems on Virgin otherwise I would have bought the brand new Samsung D840 today.)
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    New phone help

    Looking at moving to an O2 contract for coverage reasons in the Derbyshire hills. Looking at the Samsung D900. Looking at various Nokias and Motorolas and Sony/Ericsons and the like. I just want a phone. I don't want a mobile PC nor do I want a super-duper-whooper camera. A phone. Not...
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    Kylie, MEN Arena, Fri 12th Jan 2007

    I have two tickets for this and won't now be able to make it. Face value £49 a ticket, I want £110 the pair (which covers the booking fee and postage I had to pay). No touts were involved in the making of this deal. Advertised elsewhere so they may go before you have read this. PM me if...
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    Copying a DVD

    I have a DVD that I want to make a backup copy of, purely for my own use, with no intention of breaching copywrite, oh no sirreee. The DVD is copy protected so I can't just do a straight copy. I have Nero 6.6, a DVD drive and a DVD writer drive. I also have DVD Decrypter. The latter has...
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