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    50th anniversary of 1st division title win

    It would be good if the club marked the 50th anniversary of our 1967-68 1st division league championship win (11 May 1968) in some way. The closest home game is v Huddersfield on 5 May 2018 and the players from that great squad deserve to be honoured before the game.
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    Dani Carvajal

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    N'Golo Kante Could be a great asset to us.
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    PL Trophy Visits Pittsburgh

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 1f67944a49</a> Ahead of pre-season friendly at Heinz...
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    David Coleman RIP

    One of the best sports commentators ever has passed away at the age of 87.
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    Tony Whelan

    Just seen a team photo on Twitter of City which I am guessing is from summer 1973 (?) and noticed this guy sat next to Frannie Lee on the front row. I'd never heard of him before and wondered if anyone could add any more details about him.
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    Khedira to United ?

    Tancredi Palmeri @tancredipalmeri Holy...according to spanish radio Cadena Cope, Manchester United offered more than 40m € for Khedira!
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    Virgin Tivo Query

    I've got a new Tivo box from Virgin. When I watch Sky's "Match Choice Service" on a Saturday night they have a game on the front screen but I can't work out how to access the other screens (to watch the City game, for example) despite frequently pressing the red button on my new Virgin remote...
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    Standard of defending in the PL

    Is Gary Neville right when he says that this season we've gone beyond the tipping point and that too often the standard of defending in the PL is just not good enough ? Loads of goals attracts fans for sure but has it become just too easy to score these days ?
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    Top scorer in Europe

    Anyone know who is our all time top scorer in European competitions and how many they've got ?
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    Media Bias

    We come from behind to beat Southampton and the media says the cracks are showing, City are lucky, suspect defence etc. United come from behind to beat Southampton and the press big them (and RVP) up like they're world beaters all of a sudden. Will it ever end ?
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