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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    We, rightly lambasted the rags for forcing their 'fans' to take up and pay for cup games. I do not want to see us become such a club.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Level one concourses are far better than those on two or three, which are way too cramped and shite.
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    What car do you drive?

    Missus has recently got a Passat estate GTE through her company. Really lovely to drive. Find the charging erratic though. Never same amount of miles on after charging.
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    Classic Rock (Phil Collins lives, run for the hills)

    Why guilty pleasure?? Sparks are still a great and iconic band/duo. Looking forward to seeing them yet again at the Albert Hall next year.
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    Pub recommendations City Centre

    Marble Arch Angel Crown & Kettle
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    A 0-0 draw, and we make the back page headlines for many today .... no agenda though.
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    Misplaced Mancunia (music thread)

    Manchester''s finest sons bar none. The 'Berts.
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    Why didn't you go to the Leipzig game?

    I rarely go to any cup games. Cost is the main factor usually. This season it is the faffing with etickets too. Add to it usual car park now closed, and alternatives are thin on the ground. Public transport to get home is shite. Once get into town, its one train an hour home, then a taxi or...
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    London stabbings

    London Stabbings .... are they even news nowadays? They have become just most everyday happenings really.
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    He should have been, but cancelled again ...
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    Classic Rock (Phil Collins lives, run for the hills)

    Dear Mr President. (Not for everyone admittedly, a very distinct sound) Dream Syndicate (Technically was part of the Paisley Underground, but had a 'classic' rock sound) Drive, She Said Derringer (Rick) Diving For Pearls Ps, Dan Reed played in our house for my wife's 'big' birthday a few...
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    Epstein found dead in his cell/Prince Andrew interview

    He will never see the inside of a US, or any court. The Firm will see to that. Morally wrong certainly, but they are protecting their own. Many in power do. Whatever the charges, be it underage sex in this case, or even causing the death of a person, and using your spouse's diplomatic status to...
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Possibly just the annual Whicker Man festival. Six fingered Biffos an all ...
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    New Food and Drink Vendors for the Ground and City Square | Edible coffee cups introduced

    Heineken have a huge marquee behind the Summerbee Bar for CL games. Alcohol galore.
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    Who's the greatest American band of all time?

    Nirvana, and Pixies too both owe a huge debt to Husker Du for their sound. And personally the Du were better than both. We went to that. 1985. U2 headlined, but we went just for REM, who were bottom of the bill, and the Ramones. I recall it peed down all day, and me and then girlfriend left...
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    Who's the greatest American band of all time?

    Roundhay Park?
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    New Food and Drink Vendors for the Ground and City Square | Edible coffee cups introduced

    Yup, they have (according to the missus who works for Heineken UK) a 49%share of Beavertown. Neck Oil would be a great addition.
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    Like any 'best' in such matters, it's subjective. Some will vote for one on his/her technical skill. Some may be impressed b the size of kit (Peart fanboys guilty on both counts, lol) Some may go off feel and swing .... some power like Bonham, Taylor or Sharrock. All good!
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    Who's the greatest American band of all time?

    For me, not just the greatest American band, but greatest band full stop.
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    Maine Rd terrace characters

    We were M Block, Row 21, seat 35. That rings a bell ... sounds very like Barry Lattimer. Him and his missus (plus two mates) went home and away for years. He is still around, but getting on a bit now and no longer goes.
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