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    Porto Pub Watch

    Thought it was worth a dedicated thread where we can all post what pubs we are going to throughout the weekend, Rather than trawl through other threads that may mention some ... All in here Blues, let us know where you are not really going on the lash...!
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    City player, past or present, you would most like to go on the lash with

    On the birthday of the King, I was just thinking of which player I would most like to go on the piss with, apart from our dearly departed King, my choice would be Buzzer, read his book which was a fantastic read, would love to hear the un-edited version of all the scrapes he got into in the...
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    Has anybody suffered from this condition?? My missus was diagnosed with it over a year ago now and still suffering badly from it. Doctors just keep fobbing her off.. I’ve done a bit of research on it but most articles say the symptoms should subside with anti inflammatory drugs.. They are not...
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    Pensioner Earnings/Benefits Advice

    My old man currently has circa £169 a week benefits, out of that he pays £70 a month on an interest only mortgage (his own fault for marrying a young bird who fucked off and demanded wedge off him, forcing him to remortgage a house he owned) What i would like to know is, can I pay a direct...
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    6 Nations Rugby 2020

    I am sure there was a thread for this but I'm buggered if I can find it ;-) anyway, are any Blues interested in a bit of the old egg chasing chat? I love City but I also love my rugby and always take an annual break to attend some 6 Nations games. Off to Paris on Friday for the game, ticketless...
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    Bologna Info

    Off to Bologna tomorrow for a few days, alas I will be missing the semi so will need some advice on football friendly pubs and any other general advice and Info from you globe trotting Blues.... Back for Spuds next Tuesday thank fook :-) Thanks in advance
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    Liverpool (h) 3rd Jan

    Need two together for this one Blues, sold out.. PM please if you can help.. Cheers..!
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    Old Ticket Stubs- Maine Road

    Does anyone collect these? My old man handed me one from 1995 City v Notts County FA Cup 3rd round replay .. Main Stand... Happily post it on if someone wants it, can’t bring myself to throw it away... City won 5-1 :-)
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    British Airways Data Theft

    Ive only just found out about this and i fell into the category that is affected, ie I made a transaction to BA between 25th Aug and 4th Sept or so.. I have cancelled the card I made the booking with in time as no dodgy transactions have been made on my card. I would strongly advise anyone else...
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    FC Barcelona Tickets

    I will be In Barcelona on Saturday 29th September and fancy going to their game against Athletic Bilbao, can anyone give me the heads up on getting tickets without lining the pockets of the shysters at Viagogo? Would appreciate any advice, beats walking around the Barcelona shops with Mrs...
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    Non Alcoholic Lager/Beers

    Any Blues out there connoisseurs of this stuff, I need to detox for about a month or so but can’t face drinking kids stuff and fruit juices, genuine query.. I literally have no idea about drinks that do not contain alcohol, is it readily available in most pubs? all advice will be greatly...
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    Your Top 5 (Current) Most Hated PL Managers

    1. The Moaning One 2. Pulis 3. Pardew 4. Wenger 5. Hughes Used the word hated, as I actually do hate my top 3..
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    Adrian Chiles Punted by ITV

    Chiles has been punted with immediate effect by ITV and replaced by Mark Pougatch... Good fuckin riddance, useless presenter and wannabe pundit...!
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    Mortgage Interest Rates

    I am currently on a variable deal but realise that the low Interest rates are going to have to rise in the not too distant future. Its not going to be an easy decision to jump to a fixed term deal from what I pay now. What do you financial sages on here think, obviously once the BOE decide its...
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    Campbell reopens racism row

    Never had much time for this bleating idiot and reading his latest diatribe enforces my belief that he is just an attention seeking prick. Does he have a point in anyone else's opinion..?? This is a snippet of what he says.. Former England defender Sol Campbell believes his fellow black players...
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    Hearts Away

    Who's going ? All recommendations for suitable drinking dens greatly appreciated. Hopefully arriving at about 12:30 Friday Afternoon and would be good to hook up with some of you Scots Blues and any other Blue for that matter..
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    Club Wembley Crew

    Just thought I would see how many fellow Blues are going to be in Club Wembley on Sunday 2nd, maybe meet for a beer. Couldn't get tickets anywhere else so had to go with this route, not Ideal but I will be there and that's what counts. I am in Block 240 row 4
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    Is The Cellar Dying?

    It has been pointed out to me by an eminent poster that the Cellar has been reduced to an almost catatonic state in recent times. Is this king of the Bluemoon Forum slowly dying and like the rags descending into mediocrity. Your thoughts would be most welcome or if anyone wants an argument about...
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    Roll Call of Fair & Objective Pundits

    As we all know, there are many pundits out there who cannot find it within their souls to be fair and objective when it comes to our great club, even when we are destroying teams the negatives spew forth. The name I want to add first off is: Gordon Strachen
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    Union Membership

    My missus works in the IT Industry and whilst chewing the fat over an Indian tonight, she tells me she has been told in no uncertain terms by her senior managers that she cannot join a union. Is this right?? Seems a bit suspect to me but being a right wing nut job I have no knowledge of such...
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