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    Lest we forget

    43 years ago today, rag twat Martin Buchan effectively ended Colin Bell's career during a League Cup tie at Maine Road. The "challenge" wasn't even given as a foul by the referee. It still annoys me even now.
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    Etihad A6 EYE incoming today.

    About to turn onto final approach as I type.
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    Can't see any other thread, and apologise if there is. 50 years ago today, 144 people lost their lives when a mountain of coal waste slid onto a school in the village. Of that total, 116 were schoolchildren. I was in the 5th form at school that day, and can still remember it vividly. RIP...
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    40 Years Ago Today

    November 12th 1975. League Cup match City v Rags. Marin Buchan (Spit) Colin Bell Need I say more?
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    Crazyg is a Geriatric!

    Yes. It's Official!! 65 today!!! Cheaper Seasoncard next season, state pension, already got my bus pass, now a grown up (debateable, will never grow up). What's not to love about it?
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    For those of you of a certain age, you were probably looking forward to the League Cup match later that evening v the rags. Unfortunately, due to the diligence of Martin Buchan (may his name forever be used as a curse), the game will always be remembered, not for the 4-0 victory of blue over...
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