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    Just a heads up on these scamming gits

    A tip they gave us at work was to use the same password but prefixed with the website you are setting it for. So to use your name as an example your passwords would be NHSstevemacca, Screwfixstevemacca, Amazonstevemacca etc etc.
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    Premier League Games 17/18/19 September

    Absolutely idiotic decision to let him take that. Did they not learn anything from the summer?
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    Ed Sheeran - brilliant musical talent

    Notwithstanding a comment on his music but that's going to be a real test of Manchesters creaking transport infrastructure as The Killers are on at the cricket ground on the same day!
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    I see this morning that Nicki Minaj's cousins friend has picked up an STI just before he was due to get married, told his fiancée that the symptoms were due to getting the vaccine and Minaj has reported this lie as fact to her millions of followers on twitter thus creating another wave of...
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    Premier League Games 11/12/13 Sept 21

    This game is so bad its driving me to watch that thing about the first few years of the Premier League on BBC2
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    F1 Season 2021

    These 2 are going to end up killing one another. And not necessarily on the track!
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    Wow. This is amazing.
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    9/11 where were you?

    Fast asleep in bed. Was living in Australia at the time so it all happened overnight there. Remember getting up in the morning, putting the TV on and genuinely spending a couple of minutes trying to work out why there was an action movie on there at that time. The slow dawning realisation that...
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    Tennis Thread | Emma Raducanu US Open Champion

    Looks like its on Channel 4 tonight too which is good
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    20 year anniversary of 9/11 this weekend.

    I have quite different memories of it happening than most of the people I know, in that I don't actually have any memories of it happening. I was living in Australia at the time and because of the time difference it really happened overnight there (I think the first plane hit about 11pm Sydney...
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    F1 Season 2021

    Evidently it wasn't an issue after all !
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    Fever Pitch - the Rise of the Premier League

    Such a shame it turned into that in the last 20 minutes or so. Was quite enjoyable up to that point.
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    F1 Season 2021

    Isn't Albon in the Red Bull drivers system though? And Williams are more closely aligned with Mercedes. Or won't that really matter?
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    So is that it then? Time to drop anchor and bat out the day?
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    F1 Season 2021

    As long as I don't have to watch 4 hours of rain I don't care!
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    The Keeper - Trautmann film Sunday 5th Sept on BBC

    A great film. And I you don't at least tear up a little bit at the Abide With Me part you're a much stronger soul than me!
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    Colin Pitchfork

    Another concerning aspect to this is that pictures of him are already all over social media. Apart from the ones being used are from 2017. So some poor bastard that looks a bit like he did 4 years ago is in for a bit of a kicking in the next few days!
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    It does strike you as very naive and hoping for the best when they talk about minimal cross over of events. I'd guess there'd be something on at the Arena every Saturday as that's obviously peak time. If we have a 3pm kick off that day it can take a good hour or so for the blue car park to be...
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    Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

    I wonder how it will work in terms of scheduling events when this arena opens? Obviously concerts and the like are going to be booked in months and months in advance (I bought tickets to see James at the current arena in December last year for example), so how will the traffic cope if City have...
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    Emirates advert

    Well I was impressed with the ad beforehand when I thought it was CGI, bloody hell though, now.
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