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    Old long forgotten City songs

    Who said City couldn't play? City couldn't play,City couldn't play,Who said City couldn't play,City couldn't play football.From the 30's.The tune goes something like Oh my what a rotten song .We ain't got no Istree.
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    We never win at home

    When did the wording change? It used to be ..We never win at home ,and we never win away,we lost last week,and WE'LL LOSE today,etc.
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    In 1962 we went

    In 1962,we went into Division 2, The Stretford End cried out aloud, That's the end...
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    Bad Feeling

    We're gonna get dicked on Saturday,negative tactics,no plan C,superstar striker out.No but seriously,this is the time for every City player to step up to the plate,put his head on the block,really show to the fans what it means to play for City,and if we get beat,so what,but if you perform like...
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    Hope to meet an old Mate

    Shout out to Tony O'Grady,would like to meet up before the S'land game,from Rob,who used to work with you on the Post in Manchester,ex PHG Rep.
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