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    The Big Match revisited

    And clueless for a few others. His debut v Blackpool when the ball went through his legs for their goal, and West Ham at home when Greaves made his debut is mainly remembered for Ron Boyce's volley when Joe was sauntering back to goal after he'd taken a goal kick. Gloves wouldn't have helped...
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    FIFA Punish Hungary

    That's us out of the Champions League if we run out of chips again.
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    She does a good breakfast, though.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Famous for his free kick, which should have been disallowed as the ball didn't roll horizontally along the pitch. The legislation was soon changed, though. Nice goal, and very innovative.
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    Who has the hardest shot at City?

    How about this one?
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    But the other two mentioned would be described, imo, as "one of our own" by Swindon fans, whereas Hazard made his name at Tottingham before moving down the leagues to Swindon, before finally returning to Spurs to end his career.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    And don't forget John Trollope and Don Rogers. Both true Swindon Town legends.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    If you are familiar with "The Philosophers' Song", you will realise which Socrates I am referring to. This may help: Immanuel Kant was a real pissant Who was very rarely stable. Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar Who could think you under the table. David Hume could out-consume...
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    He's not fucking Socrates you know!
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    Thick morons who apply to go on quiz shows

    All right, smart arse, what colour is it? ;-)
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    What car do you drive?

    I vaguely remember Graham Hill being scathing about these cars. Apparently, they didn't handle very well going round corners at 50mph!
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    Wycombe Wanderers tickets

    Update: Despite forwarding my amendment e-mail from home to phone so I have a record of the new seat details, when I tap the season ticket icon on Google Pay, it shows the details for my (former) allocated seat, ie, block 104! Let's hope Yankee Doodle Pigeon can bring me the right seat details...
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    Wycombe Wanderers tickets

    Spent 1hour 11minutes on the phone this morning to change my seat, as I had been allocated one in 104 rather than my usual 304. They put me in row N, half way down, which, because of my walking/balance problems, is impractical for me, plus the fact that everyone stands up when there's a goal...
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    Yellow card for taking your shirt off

    So you've never seen the clip of him running way waving his shirt after the goal? I wasn't going to show the Tyler version as I can't stand him. He was booked by Mike Dean.
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    That's all you need to know!
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    Media Thread - 2021/22

    Nice to see Alyson Rudd showing off her footballing insight. Her fear is palpable. Remind me, who does she support?
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    Manchester City - the pride of SE Kent. Oh, the irony! ;-)
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    Ref Watch

    I think what saved him was that it was so blatant a dive, he didn't bother appealing. If he had, I'm sure he'd have been booked.
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