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    commercial partners

    we have a few tier 1 partners now does anybody think we will join forces with new investors this tour? i would like to think that etihad would be looking at renegotiating their present deal.
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    Born in 38

    My dads passed away tonight aged 76 proper blue passed all his genes on to his family ! God bless dad x
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    at some point the holistic approach and the intergration of our youngsters will happen,this quartet seem to be doing well,what chances do we think they will get in the next 12 months.?
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    balotelli or negredo?

    who's better?
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    live streams

    where they gone?
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    Got 90 mins in for Montenegro today, good news for us!! Booked too
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    I know it was only a friendly but how good was that?
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    @ 5-0 what were you thinking?

    realistcally i was thinking 8 or 9
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    our chairmans speech

    every post season the chairman gives his seasons report and addresses the fans on the OS,this is one interview i cant wait for........will hopefully answer all questions we want to know the answers to
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    leighton baines

    a good edition in the summer? i think so! like clichy but doesnt do enough in the final 3rd for me,now baines is different class there!! 10 million would be enough to get him to the etihad imo
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    now for barnsley

    a great 3 points barnsley!! a big game hes hoping for a trip to wembley a sell out crowd and great atmosphere!!
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    youth cup

    does anybody know when the next round is and where.....thanks in advance
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    pure scum

    i was at manchester victoria last night,the trains were arriving back from wigan packed full of rag fans,at one point 2 city fans both ladies in their 40s wearing city scarves were subjected to verbal abuse at one could only described as appalling,all the ladies were doing was minding their own...
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    Javi Garcia

    fausto went to watch him last night, £23m buyout clause,any good do we know?
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    etihad training campus

    has anybody got any pics of progress,thanks in advance
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    sunday red tops

    i wonder what dreamy bullshit they will spout tomoz?
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    its a strange one

    apart from Hazard,there has not been a sniff of a rumour,quote,nothing!! apart from pure redtop speculation!! City are keeping things very close to their chest!!!
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    It's quiet 10, no apologies! (continued)

    would be good business,but i have my doubts
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    Time to take our place in history

    44 is too long,Go out there and finish the job!!! IMO we will 3-0
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    yaya injured?

    mancini confirms that yaya has a muscle injury,hope its not too bad.He is so important for us
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