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    Euro’s final playlist.

    Blatant rip off from the pre champions league games… I’m playing this when foden gets the winner
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    Mancini - Micah/Sven podcast

    Graham hunters big interview podcast today has a discussion on the player and manager Mancini. It’s a good easy listen. Remembering nearly the decade ago
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    Chinese banning EPL TV games

    Given the announcement today that Chinese state TV is no longer allowing the premier league to be shown. And the souring of relations. Could this have any impact on us given the relatively recent investment into the CFG by a Chinese group? Or does it put us in a better position against our...
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    Boxing day tickets v sunderland

    Anyone know when these are coming out?
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    What is moonbeam holding in her hand here? ?NSFW go on someone make it appear here!
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    Scott Sinclair

    My mrs tells me Helen Flanagan has said they ar e both on their way to London in the summer wonder who he'll play for?
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    Green man

    Mint innit photos in here please!
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    blue cars

    ive always had blue cars. cant bring myself to buy any other. discuss
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    Scott Sinclair

    Get well soon. Weird thing to happen to a young lad.
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    March 14th

    Happy march 14th everybody.
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    Choose me 4 scorers

    Right need help. Work have a weekly bet on getting 4 scorers from the weekend its rolled over for a few weeks and is now worth a tidy some of money. Who should I choose and why? I am trying to avoid city players as Edin's miss against Fulham made me go mental. So looking at this weeks fixtures...
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    I think I just saw love

    Just doing my usual window twitching when noticed a man walking his dog. A rotund fella on a bike bowled over by this guys beauty, must have immediatley fallen in devine love. desperate to get to him he almost fell off his bike! I think he told him where he lived. But then seemed to get cold...
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    I missed most of the wedding yesterday as i was locked up in an office due to Ugandans rioting. This is them arresting the leader of the opposition. I dont know whats funnier his superpower or the inability to use a gun....
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    Just no <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Best wishes hope he gets better soon.
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    Rags/uganda/trying not to swear in the title

    I know this doesnt deserve a new thread but bugger it! stuck in uganda surrounded by plastics, They had never met a city fan! completely doubted us after monday. I may have cried a little bit at the goal Got three african arse fans to do the poznan (well you cant do it alone). Ive got 55...
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    Favorite toilet graffiti

    'Play toilet tennis, see other wall' And on the other side 'See other wall' after seeing this old classic wondered if anyone had seen anything amusing *I do not condone writing on toilet walls unless you are 3. or Michaelangelo.
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    SCary you tube vid

    Dont know what this plank was doing with a video camera when driving but its bloody scary! safe for work-(if work allows youtube of course!)
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    given recent events found this interesting. I'm never eating a banana again! <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Is anyone a Dentist -manchester

    Is anyone here a dentist?? Nothing wrong with my teeth but GF has interview this week for DF1 placement and wondered if I could pick anyones brains?
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