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    A song for Joe

    Type the above into youtube. A load of artists covering the clash and Joe Strummer songs to celebrate the big mans birthday.
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    Songs that are not on Blue hammers list

    Pick your choice. Buffalo Tom - Velvet roof.
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    Trojan alert.

    Not sure what the story is but everytime I refresh Bluemoon I get a trojan alert from malwarebytes. When I open it up to see what it is, it's Does this have something to do with Bluemoon?
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    Anybody have the day off?

    No work for me today. Anyone else?
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    Tempur Pedic beds

    Does anybody on here sleep in one of these beds? After spending the last few months waking up with a sore back, I've decided to get a new bed. They cost a fortune over here but, considering that I spend a third of my life in bed, I might as well get a decent one. So, who's got one and are they...
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    Who the fuck eats this shit? I just had a plate of nachos at the local sports bar and my ring piece is screaming like a fucking bald eagle. I have to get on a plane in a few hours. I don't need this kind of shit.
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    how do I find out my wifi password?

    Yeah, I know. I'm an idiot but, we have the neice coming over to look after the cat while we're away and I'm not sure I have the right password. Is there any way that I can check to see if I have it right? Other than someone coming over with a phone and trying to log in, I'm not sure how to check.
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    Pop Opera

    Anybody else love this stuff? This had just brightened up my day, fantastically talented artist at work here ladies and genitals.
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    Huge Bavarians

    Any others?
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    I recently started using ad black on my laptop as some of the sites I go had become ridiculous. I have it set up so that it is disabled on Bluemoon. The issue is that everytime I try to refresh a page or go to a new one, it takes ages to load. I keep getting a message saying, "waiting for...
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    Romania v Hungary

    Looks like it's going to kick off in this match. Not sure what's going on but the fans are going mental, throwing flares, explosions going off in the stands, shit being thrown. They were showing all kinds of scraps before the match. 0-0 right now.
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    Watching the match in Prague

    Anyone know of a pub that would be showing today's game? I've googled the Irish pubs, just not sure if they will show it. Cheers
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    Going to book a holiday this weekend. We'll be staying in Munich for five nights and then looking to do something else. Is there much else to see and do in that area (I'll be flying back out of Munich), or should I head over to Prague or Vienna by train? I have never been over to that area and...
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    Homemade hamburgers

    Right, we're having a bbq today for the wifes birthday. Just going to do sausages and souvlaki from the butcher. But I want to make some burgers up as well. I bought 6lbs of lean ground beef and need to turn it into about a doz. burgers. How do I do this? I've read that you need breadcrumbs and...
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    where was this advert shot?

    I know, a boring, shitty thread. Anyone know where this is? Apparently, we have to go there.
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    It's going to snow tomorrow

    That's it, I've fucking had it. We've had snow on the ground for four fucking months, it was 20 degrees c today, and it's going to be -1 c and snowing tomorrow. I thought Manc was bad enough with the rain but I bet you've seen the cocksucking sun more than half a dozen times since December. I...
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    Converting AVI files

    Does anybody know how I go about converting AVI files to MP4 files? I'm trying to watch films that I have on my laptop, on my tv by using a usb flashdrive. Thanks.
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    Hollands pies and puds

    Where are they all hiding? I'm staying at the Macdonald hotel on London rd and am in desperate need of a proper chippy. Any one know where the nearest one is?
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    Turning 50

    Does it get any better than this? Currently in Edinburgh having kippers for breakfast, about to get on a train to sunny Manc, Where I will bide my time until the derby and wigan game eating pies and drinking pints. There's no place like home.
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    Looking for a hotel in Manc

    Can anybody reccomend a deccent hotel in sunny Manc? I'll be staying in a hotel for the first time in about three weeks. I'm not looking to spend a ton as It will be for a week at least, maybe two. I have found ten or so on the interweb. Any suggestions as to which one is deccent, or any that I...
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