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    City 'B' team the second best in all the land & all the world

    I found this an interesting read... Hopefully Mangler will get his move to Valencia in the next few days, & it's a pity we didn't have Kompany included. I remember they used to say Liverpool's team of the 70s was the best in the world, followed by Liverpool's reserves, but can the same be said...
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    United reject Madrid bid for Paul Pogba?

    ManUre have just rejected a bid from Real Madrid!!! No fee reported as yet. This shit's getting tasty... :-)
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    Ali Benarbia - Still one of my all time Favourites

    The precursor to David Silva. Just imagine what Pep could do with a 23 year old Benarbia.......
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    Should Kompany retire from international games?

    Albeit he was injured at the start of the World Cup, I've been mightily impressed with his performances & fitness. I'm gutted Vinny wasn't given the Captain's armband for today's match, I think it's the very least he deserved. However, is it now time for Kompany to announce his international...
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    Barca apparently interested in Gundogan £50m Yes or no? I like the player, but I think we can do better in Central Midfield. Gundog has only impressed me when covering for Fernandinho, but I haven't seen enough...
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    Wow! The situation they face is beginning to sink in! I'll just leave this here..... :-)
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    Guardiola now accused of ruining Italian football!

    Man City manager Pep Guardiola now accused of ruining Italian football! Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini claims that the influence of the Manchester City boss has made a mess of...
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    Is it time for City to move on from Kompany & Toure? It seems Pep's issues with Yaya have resurfaced again. I wondered why we hadn't seen Toure throughout pre-season, however the match he played against WHU started me thinking, & the above...
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    City fans free to keep on booing the Champions League anthem BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
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    Dani Alves reveals Neymar convinced him to snub Manchester City
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    Manchester City’s annual defence spending exceeds that of 47 actual countries!

    Dunno if anyone's seen this, but it gave me a chuckle.. :-) While the club’s expenditure is nowhere near super powers like the US ($611bn) or China ($215bn), their budget eclipses EU members Malta...
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    UEFA plan controversial changes to prize money distribution

    UEFA plan controversial changes to favour Manchester United over Manchester City Manchester City could lose out on prize money with UEFA planning changes to how money is...
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    Lest we forget....... Thank You Sheikh Mansour

    Why Man City Are Set For Stable Future With or Without Mansour’s Money......... We've amassed more Premier League points than any other club since 2010 and irrespective of how this season ends, it's been one hell of...
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    Pellegrini reveals Guardiola announcement destabilised his Manchester City squad It was Manuel who announced Pep. Unless the squad were told first and Pellegrini wanted to take control of the media announcement. Strange that he said the announcement...
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    City Sign Him Up!!

    Dunno if this has already been posted so if it has mods please merge/delete it, but someone just showed this to me and never mind showing off in front of the Academy lads, he should be coaching all our forwards!!!!
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    Don't mean to start an argument but................

    This fan tattooed a transcript of Martyn Tyler's legendary commentary of Aguero's Premier League winning goal on his arm. Very admirable, but shouldn't Niall Quinn get a mention for the 'Stupendous' bit? Just saying like..........
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    Quincy Promes

    Dutch U21 and named in the provisional WC squad. He's a 2 footed right winger and plays for FC Twente and he absolutely tore the arse out of Scotland's U21's a few days ago with a brilliant hat trick. Left foot, right foot, he has the ability to score with any. He's lightening quick and has a...
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    Negredo or Soldado

    After all the endless debates over who was the better striker and which club got the better deal, I'm so glad we got The Beast. He certainly put that argument to bed today in no uncertain terms. That goal and performance today is just what we've needed from a big man up front. Balo was too...
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    Crouch or Ibrahimovic..........

    I've just been having an argument with a Rag about the Ibrahimovic goal, it was stunnin but I think the goal Crouch scored against us was better. Crouch's goal was on the run, he hit a 1st time volley from a tight angle whilst he was surrounded by our players & as opposed to last night, Hart was...
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    Dilemma.. My 6 year old son's just been scouted by the Rags!

    They're very keen on him & I've asked for time to consider their offer but as a lifelong, die-hard Blue I don't know if I should follow my head & heart & tell them to fuck off or should I be thinking about my boy's best interests? HELP!!! :-(
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