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    Vets in/Near Stretford/Trafford

    Hi All. I already asked in Cat thread but thought a bit more of a general thread would be quicker. We have started to look after a local stray ( or generally neglected ) cat in the area, Over night its picked up an injury and cant put weight on one of his legs. so I think its time we take him...
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    Covid: Personal views

    In an attempt to clean up the Covid thread and try to get it back to dealing with stats etc I've created a thread for discussing all the the more wild fringe views/Conspiracies out there.
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    Annoying Humming noise

    in the last week or so around where I live ( Stretford ) there has been a really annoying low frequency humming noise. Anyone else hearing it?
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    Legends tour

    does anyone know where on the website to see a list of all the legends tours? I got bought one for Christmas but the webpage seems to be one you have to step through day by day and none seem to be on.
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    Northern rail lose franchise About time too!
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    Film soundtracks

    To follow on from the classical music thread Whats the best movie soundtracks? Im a massive fan of John Murphy, Hans Zimmer and the like. Here are a few of my favorites.
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    Bridge collapse in Italy. Major motor way bridge has collapsed near Genoa. Some reports suggest there were houses under the bridge!.
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    Macclesfield Tornado! kinda

    didn't touch down but not what you expect to see in Macclesfield!. Photo taken by a work mate... I totally missed it, would have had an amazing view from the office.
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    Hiding threads

    I know if you ignore a user it will also hide the threads they made, but is there a way to just hide a thread without ignoring a user?
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    RIP George Romero
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    Bucketlist request....

    My Nephews best friend is on his 3rd bout of leukemia in 2.5 years, and at 11 years old!, they are trying to sort out some bucket list items for him that they are asking to help with. If anyone here can help with a contact for Ant and Dec, or Spurs football club ( No ones perfect ) could they...
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    Romania visit

    We're looking at visiting Romania for a city break soon, anyone got any experience of Cluj-Napoca? Its one of the only places we can fly to in Romania from Liverpool or Manchester, some of it looks quite old school soviot block and others looks nice. Any recomendations? Great place? Avoid?
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    Fake unmarked police cars

    Probably worth knowing.
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    Charity vote

    A friend of mine's daughter is disabled and attends a special school who are up for a charity donation. If you get chance could you vote for the school to get the donation. Go here and Put in Leek as the location and then vote for Horton Lodge Thanks
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    Advert bug?

    On my phone I keep getting pushed to the App Store to download the William hill app, it's almost as if the there is a dodgy full page invisible button on occasion.
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    BT Sport now on Virgin Media!!

    BT Sports on Virgin Media <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... art=BTS_02</a> BT and Virgin have agreed a deal to show BT Sports on Virgin...
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    Buy out clauses of our players?

    Having seen buy out clauses banded about for every other play going it got me thinking, do we have buy out clauses on our players? If so how much are they? are they allowed in British football?
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    FFPR's first penalties handed out ( Not to us! )

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> All these clubs have had prize money withheld due to FPPR infringements. FK Borac Banja Luka (Bosnia) FK Sarajevo (Bosnia)...
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    Phone number for market street city store

    Hi all, Does anyone have the phone number for the City Store on Market street? Its surprisingly hard to locate. Thanks.
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    FFPR Transfer question.

    There is a clause in the FFPR that states the academy costs dont count towards the FFPR. Would this allow a team to pay a very large figure for a player who's under say 20 ( Neymar/Lukaku etc etc ), put them in the academy for a few weeks/months and then graduate them to the 1st team without...
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