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    Community Shield First Goal Competition draw today 15:30

    Unfortunately City didn't score in yesterdays game. To decide who wins the prize I will use an online roulette wheel to randomnly pick a number between 1 and 91 today at 15:30. I will post a screen grab showing the number and time in the interest of fairness. Best of Luck to all. 1 legacyfan...
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    Community Shield First Goal Competition. CLOSED

    CLOSED If Allowed I'd like to run a time of first City Goal competition . There will be a nice prize for the winner which I shall post Monday morning. Just post the time you think Citys first goal will be scored. (check opening post for availability) 1 legacyfan 1986 2 ymsa 3...
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    Brighton post match thread

    All in here.
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    Oleksandr Zinchenko - 2019/20 Performances

    Looks like he's going to be first choice left back again this Season. To be honest I'm yet to be convinced its ideal. We look vunerable down that flank.
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    The obsession with other teams raising their game against us.

    Every week this raises it's head. We were their cup final, played out of their skin against us or whatever, Truth is rarely if ever is this the case. We were rank bad against most of these teams, or poorly prepared. Every team in the division needs to be given they respect they deserve, any hint...
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    How far will the fall be before evasive action is taken?

    At what stage if at all will the powers that be put everyone out of their misery and dispense of pellers? He is getting the sum total of nothing from the squad. We are in free fall with no sign of the descent bottoming out. We most likely will be 4th come tomorrow and if we perform like we did...
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    We are not mentally weak

    How anyone can direct this accusation at a team that that has won 2 of the closest titles in the history of association football is unreal. That the accusation is coming from our own fans is all the more annoying. Stop listening to the media propaganda and get behind your team .
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    Aguerooo debut tomorrow!

    2 year old colt makes his debut tomorrow at lingfield. Will go off favorite and won't win.
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    Spy pigeon

    The pigeon, which landed near Manwal village, nearly two miles from the Pakistani border, immediately raised the suspicions of a 14-year-old boy who noticed an Urdu message stamped on its body reading ‘Tehsil Shakargarh, district Narowal’. The boy then ran to the nearest police station to hand...
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    Reality check

    We're not as good as we were two years ago. When we cut a swath through everything that was placed before us. Even our first champions league effort when for the first 20 minutes in munich we should have been 2 up. Sure this was the night of the infamous tevez incident but I'm sure most on her...
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    Whos final curtain?

    Who do you think will play their last competitive match for city tomorrow. I'm going for Dzeko, kolorov, and sadly I think carlos will wave goodbye as well. There might well be a few surprises this summer.
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    Players we were never in for!

    I doubt we ever made an inquiry.
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    Our leftside vunerability........

    We look so solid for the most part at the back except when we are attacked down our left side. This was ruthlessly exposed in europe and has been to a lesser extent in the league. I know merlin for the most part plays that side and he isn't going to track back constantly although to his credit...
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