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    Quick help

    Looking for the image of the anti glazer March, with the muppet holding a yanks go home banner wearing a nyc hat, cheers in advance
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    Early warning system. Was in Torquay last week on a tour bus and came across this new system of avoidance. Much appreciated...
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    It's quiet 10, no apologies! (continued)

    Should of got your PA to do the the above it's shocking and grammar like that would not get you a job at mcdonalds.
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    Chelsea or City?

    Who had the better season. Blue bias aside it's a tough one.
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    Blades or owls?

    Personally owls. Tonight it's in their hands. Good luck.
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    No fourth place.

    If Chelsea win, no champs spot for fourth.
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    Remember dog shit alley, Balti pies, the Gene Kelly stand, Swales out Franny in then out, Helen the bell, defeat at Stockport, SWP getting sold, Kinkladze getting sold, relegation after relegation, misery after misery, then remember Dickov and that goal, Keegans swashbuckling side, Robinho...
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    Enjoy it blues, this is big time.

    Over the last few weeks I've noticed an upturn in the views on Bm, an air of excitement so to speak, it's realising on me and others that the biggest moment as blues is just around the corner, it's time to sing loud and proud and enjoy every moment blues, this is going to be massive and historic...
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    When Carlos leaves.

    Providing there is no gagging order put in place, would you be interested to hear what his real issues with City are all about. I for one would like an excuse of some description, that is at least nearly believable. Why would you choose to go from hero to zero.
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    12 hat tricks!

    For Real Madrid, Ronaldo, simply phenomenal.
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    Anyone else now totally "over" 81?...;-)

    No way. Every fa cup weekend that goal gets rolled out.
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    coghlan freed again.

    last night 6.00pm, another 17 jailed.
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    Hughes not going to villa, Chelsea me thinks.

    Must be.
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    We've been loyal for 35 years

    35 years, 35 years We've been loyal for 35 years.
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    Anyone else completely shattered.

    Well my fellow blues I am done in. excitement nerves etc has got the better of me and now I could do with a rest, even today I have had pumped up veins at the rag shite stories of blue bashing etc, thankyou one and all for one of the great weekends, pillow here I come.
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    who has the best strikeforce.

    recently i read on bm that many thought it was us, i believe its not. without my blue tinted glasses on, i have to honestly say my top 3 is as follows. 1, Torres, Drogba, Anelka. 2, Berbatov, Rooney, Hernandez. 3, Tevez, Balotelli, Dzeko. i hate saying them rag twats, but as a unit its...
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    we are the transfer champions.

    it has to be said we have forced Chelsea to do their brains in and Liverpool to waste the £50 million they recieved on quite simply the most bizzare transfer fee ever paid. we did not go for Torres because, 1, we have summer targets based on Champs league already nailed on, 2, Bobby has...
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    The business end.

    now its time to see what we are made of, we are in the chase for the title, in the FA cup, in the eufa cup, couple of winable games coming up, virtually a fully fit squad, Dzeko and maybe more to join. could be glory glory Man City. hats of to Bob he has got us sitting pretty, maybe the...
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    Forgotten away days special. 85-86 full members cup final. loads of you must remember this day out. on arrival a cheeky cockney twat asked me the time, as i looked at my watch i recieved an uppercut right to the chin. lights out. did one at 5-1 down when i got home my dad said must of been a great game. i said...
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    Forgotten away days 4, portsmouth apr 1985 travelled with the mayneline for this one, great win, great support. season of the charlton 5-1 if memory serves me right. the coaches got escorted all the way to birmingham. first stop after that, daft donald asked for a large bottle of champagne from...
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