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    If football managers were zoo animals...

    ...what would you write on their cage sign? I’ll start with yesterday’s opponent. Species: Dychosaurus Appearance: Ginger. Long coat in winter. Habitat: Mostly Pennines but may be found at football grounds countrywide. Diet: Gravel Sound: Gruff whine. Temperament: Generally defensive...
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    The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying

    Having survived the great bog roll stampede and seen candles sell out on Merseyside, what is the next shortage you will plan for? Edit, 21 March: How quickly things have changed. I was guilty of starting this thread under a different title just 9 days ago, when the bog roll stampede was little...
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    Places to deposit dog poo bags

    Have you ever thought the bin was a little boring and found a more creative way to discard bag and contents? Not that I’d encourage anything irresponsible, you understand...
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    Degree subjects

    Should we do more to incentivise degrees in “economically and socially useful” subjects? What subjects would they be ? Or should we treat all topics as equal and view academic study as a valuable end in itself?
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    Euthanasia or re-homing?

    If you were a retired greyhound or race-horse, would it be better to be euthanised or thrown to the tender mercies of people who might give you a good home, or race you to the death or boil you alive? Because their welfare is worth fcuk all, isn’t it?
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    DVLC criteria

    I’m sat at my window watching the fifth person today race up a short, narrow medieval street with “no entry” sign only to find a bollard at the other end. Is it a DVLC requirement for motorists to be thick as pigshit or short-sighted!
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    London stabbings

    Five fatal stabbings in London in the last week. When we are fed the carefully crafted balance sheets demonstrating the net benefit of immigration, is this sort of thing included?
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    Those three little words you hate to hear...

    Like "I'm entitled to..." or "I don't do..." Fcukin tiresome.
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    Do overweight football managers have credibility?

    Some managers still look lean and mean. Some look more like kebab shop proprietors. When there is so much emphasis on fitness and diet, can a professional manager have credibility when he's let himself go?
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    So now we have yet a new sexual orientation category. Asexual: someone who doesn't have sexual desires. Discussion about it on Radio 5 just now. Why does everyone fell the need to label and declare their sexuality to the rest of the world?
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    Smacking to be outlawed in Scotland

    Slapping your kids, that be banned by law. Nothing about administering a Glasgow kiss though. Or smuggling them over the border to give 'em a good kicking. Bluemoon views?
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    Researching your heritage

    I'd like to research my lineage and recently registered with my Received a "free offer" from them which basically plays you for a fat boy and is totally worthless. Has anyone done this online and can they recommend a good site? I don't mind paying as long as it's entirely...
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    Finsbury Park mosque attack

    On the face of it, looks like a van was deliberately driven at mosque-going pedestrians. One man killed and several injured.
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    Your fantasy weekend...

    OK, it's Friday evening and some of us have already enjoyed a couple of shandies. So, casting reality aside, how would you want to spend the rest of the weekend?
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    Cameron takes the p***

    Honours for his wife's hair stylist, party donors, failed Remain campaigners and other placemen. I thought Brexit had given them a jolt. What more does it take for politicians to realise most of them are held in contempt?
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    Sent from my poserphone using tapatalk.

    What the fcuk? Can this shit signature not be switched off, thus saving bandwith and annoyance. It puts posters in full kit wanker mode. Just fcuk off with it. Sent from my Netto supaphone 3 using rantalot.
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    Bastian Doll

    Bastian Schweinsteiger threatening to sue Hong Kong company over a Nazi doll that bears a striking resemblance to him.
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    A face like ...

    ... a dropped pie. Let's have your funniest Manc sayings.
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    How to manage fallout?

    If we played tomorrow with everyone fit and our new acquisitions in place, I reckon the bench would be picked from the following twelve: Caballero Zab Clichy Denayer (if not loaned out) Mangala Martin Delph Fernando Navas Nasri Iheanacho Bony So four of five of them wouldn't even get a place...
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    North East Scotland Blues

    On behalf of pb1951
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