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    City lead Premier League rebels but refuseniks come up short

    A gang of six Premier League clubs strongly opposed to wage restraint in the top flight held a clandestine meeting last week to discuss how they can best combat the measures. The summit at the Grove Hotel outside Watford, where England stay before Wembley matches, was attended by the refusenik...
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    Gotze, Reus & Bale.

    Buy these 3 and we'll have a real chance getting the title back and going far in Europe. All 3 can shoot/cross/dribble and are quick, all 23 or under too.
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    Blue car - door nearly ripped off

    Who was in the blue car which nearly had the door ripped off by the city coach? Hope you make your mate pay for that! I'd have been livid. p.s Did you get wet on your way home?
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    Looks like I'm not going to any games this season

    WTF is blue membership all about? I have an access card, which now I cannot use I think. I now have to buy a card for £10 so I can then buy a ticket - I'm sending an e-mail to MCFC today. If they waive the fee and send me a free card then I will buy my tickets as per usual, if not then they can...
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    FA and QPR

    I see the FA are going to deduct enough points so QPR cannot be a threat to premier league sides like Bin-dipper-pool/Spuds. FA and Uefa have their dicks up each others arses.
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    Stoke home game ticket price

    They're having a laugh.........40 quid for the cheapest seat! Guess that's how they can give away the Abu Dhabi trip. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return...
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    Referee's kit today

    Why were they allowed to wear the same colours as Reading?????? I'm sure it made some of our passing slower as we double checked if it was a player or ref!
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    7 goals more than SPUDS - yeah, boring aren't we!

    MCFC goals - 45 SPUDS - 38 Not bad considering the press would have you believe SPUDS are the 2nd most attacking side in history! Goal difference of +13 makes us a in reality 7 points ahead of them too.
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    Good guys vs bad guys

    Could've sworn I heard Arsenal described as the good guys (implying we're the bad) of football during the commentary, more negative spin! Press already slating our NEGATIVE game - we got a point more than Chelsea/Spuds tonight - good point IMO.
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    0 - 8 today and we go top for a day

    someone's been due for a thrashing from us, let's hope it's West ham:)
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    World cup hangover

    I think many fans have forgotten Mancini's words before the season kicked off - He said Chelsea were far and away the best side in England and there would be many freak results due to the world cup in the summer. He's spot on so far, we have the squad to capitalise, now isn't the time to panic.
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    City fans so predictable!

    Get a grip people, If we hound out Mancini then the press will have won, that's what they want above all else. The football we play is far and away better than anything I've seen in the last 20 years - I guess we're used to being so cr@p we don't like it near the top of the table.
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    No tackling (apart from De Jong)

    Since De Jong was hounded by the press I've seen a distinct lack of tackling going on, City players pretty much let Wolves walk to our box. If we do that vs Manure we'll be thrashed. We really do need De Jong in the team, he's THAT "important"
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    If a rag pisses you off let them know their history.

    Founded in 1880 as St. Mark's (West Gorton), they became Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 before changing their name to Manchester City Football Club in 1894 Founded as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, the club changed its name to Manchester United in 1902. Just a couple of...
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    1 Chance missed

    Well there goes 1 opportunity of ripping "that" banner down. 3 chances left Mancini - what happened to taking every competition seriously?????????
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    Re: Is Wolves the new Stoke? Any side coming into the premiership has to play that way,it's a scrap for every point. Sometimes a lack of skill is made up by more psychotic play.
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    Almost BOGOF

    Just bought ticket for Juventus at home 35 quid & Salzburg game is 1p - nice one city :)
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    lol Owen

    <a class="postlink" href=",19528,12016_6365429,00.html" onclick=";return false;">,19528, ... 29,00.html</a>
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    Survey winners on

    Bloody Richard Dunn(e) top of the list lol
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    The Dippers vs Arsenal game yesterday

    While watching games on Sky I usually wait for the moment they mention Manure (which they do quite often even though they're not playing). To my amazement they began taking about us. Shows how much we're on everyone's lips! Beats not being noticed and ridiculed like in 1998/9.
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