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    Oil price Crash

    Do we need to start a whip round ?
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    Stem Cells used to create living robots What could possibly go wrong ?
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    London Bridge terror attack - 2 dead (not including attacker)

    Reports of gunfire
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    Donating sperm

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    Russian troops land in Venezuela

    Here comes the cavalry
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    Travelodge destruction

    Apparently didn't pay him his wages.
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    The Dark Overlord

    Anyone else following this story ? Hacker group claiming they have info on 9/11 asking for millions in Bitcoin or they will release more.
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    Shootings at Iran's Military Parade

    Iran blaming Saudi and US backing terrorsists. ISIS claiming responsibility(when don't they ?). Can't imagine this is going to end well. Let the conspiracy theories begin !
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    Fantom ???

    Dafuq is this shit ?
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    Google Translate Anomoly

    If you type in dog numerous times and translate from Maori to English, Google is predicting the end of times !
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    Top Man t-shirt sparks outrage

    Have you seen this Topman ad ? Fuck me, talk about poor judgement...
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    Pre-Season in Brazil ?

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    What are you having for Christmas Dinner ?
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    Worst performing nationality in the premier league ?

    Gianfranco Zola aside I can't think of a more underwhelming nationality than Italians in the Premier league. Why do they struggle so much in our league given their pedigree ?
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    Buckinghamshire plane crash

    There seem to be rumours Lord Rothschild has died in a collision between a helicopter and a plane.
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    You know what would be more interesting than International football ?

    Premier league v La Liga or Serie A v Bundesliga. A summer competition of league versus league would get a lot more interest I reckon.
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    Will forced landline rental become the new PPI mis-selling ?

    Land lines were initially required when the internet required dial-up to connect. Nowadays with fibre broadband it is neither a necessity or a requirement for the majority of households yet suppliers en masse force customers into this rental. I hope the day comes when they have to pay everyone...
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    Buile Hill Park

    Some nutter running round the park in Salford chopping people up !
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    Legal Question

    With regards to the Hillsborough case and possible prosecutions. I keep seeing warnings on social media telling people not to comment on specifics about this case as they could be held in contempt of court or worse still jeopardise the whole case. If that is so, what it to stop friends of the...
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