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    #33 | Scott Carson - 2020/21 Performances

    Let's see if he's as good as Kyle.
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    Cole Palmer

    Couldn't find a thread on him but he's apparently been training with the first team recently. Bit surprised he doesn't have a thread. I'm a bit out of touch now on the academy side of things but I've heard good things over the last couple of years. Interested to hear what people think of him.
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    Any Blues in Hong Kong?

    Can you recommend somewhere to watch matches? I'm going to be there for three weeks and will miss some pretty important games such as the league cup final, our following matches against Arsenal and Chelsea and then the second leg against Basel.
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    Player who most surpassed expectations

    As a flip side to the other thread, I thought this was a good idea. Name one player who outperformed your expectations of them either when they first signed or from their early form. Mine (and I suspect many other's) would be Pablo Zabaleta. Early on I just thought he was a headless chicken...
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    Centre back options

    Personally, I hope we go all in for Laporte one more time. I love watching Bonucci and I'd be as excited as anyone if we signed him but, truth be told, I just don't think it would work out.
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    Who should be our next captain?

    After seeing the rumours that Kompany is being made available to offers (and assuming his heartbreaking injury crisis continues either way), there's a good chance we'll be seeing someone else with the armband next season. Any ideas/ guesses? It's no secret that we're lacking leaders when...
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    Mikel Arteta

    Not sure if this belongs in the transfer thread but, seeing as he's still an active player, to hell with it. Plenty of news outlets claiming Pep will offer him a coaching role when his contract with Arsenal ends this summer. To be honest, I'd take him in the squad over certain members of our...
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    Need a new passport ASAP

    I'm off abroad in mid March and have only just realised that my passport is not going to be accepted as the photo has seperated and it's generally tattered (plus I look like I'm wearing orange lipstick and they might arrest me solely on that basis). Does anyone have any previous experience or...
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    Learning new languages

    I'm off to Barcelona in March work related business and want to learn as much Spanish/ Catalan as is possible in that timescale. I'll be with a Dutch company so I might even have to learn the basics of that as well as Cantonese later this year. Just wondering if any of the cunning linguists on...
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    EDS admittance

    Hey guys, got my dad and a mate coming up this weekend and we're after going to see the EDS team play Norwich on Sunday. I was just wondering how you go about getting in. Do they have to be members or anything like that? Dad's lived down south for a few years now and my mate's a Rangers fan. I...
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    I can't be the only one who's noticed that this word pops up an awful lot on bluemoon. It's cringeworthy whenever I read someone use it as a counter argument in itself. It's like people have discovered a new fancy word and just use it as a tool to undermine someone's opinion. Yesterday someone...
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    How to go about getting unblocked from a thread

    I got pretty offended earlier when a user made accusations on the Yaya thread and used some strong words. Now I've apologised via PM (not because I want to get unblocked, but because I was out of line) and I believe the matter is settled. Now how do I go about getting back on the thread? Is it...
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