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    Derby u18`s V City u18`s

    The game today at 2pm between Derby u18`s v City u18`s. Is this game on anywhere so we can watch it. Please.
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    Did anyone see all those satelites go past tonight there were loads of them soon to be thousands of them made by Elon Musks Spacex Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites light up skies over the UK Thousands more satellites are expected to be launched into orbit in the next few years ByHannah...
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    Watching the Dinamo Zagreb game in Hampshire.

    It`s looking more likely that I will be in Gosport in Hampshire with the wife for this game. I would like to watch it in the company of fellow blues if possible because the wife is only petite and not great in bar fights.She comes from Romiley in Stockport what can you expect. Anyone know of...
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    3 questions about last night

    1. Did you enjoy the atmosphere last night. 2. Did you sing and cheered more than usual. 3. Did you enjoy it more adding to the atmosphere than you do when you are more passive. If the answer is yes to all 3 Get up off your arses at every game till the end of the fucking season and cheer on...
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    Naming children

    A friend of mine has just had his 4th son. The 1st one was called Saxon. The 2nd one was called Loxley. The 3rd one was called Axel. The 4th one is called Fox. Does anyone else have unusal names
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    This Newcastle Defeat put firmly into perspective

    The defeat was upsetting to say the least, we probably all felt it. Then the coach started off. Before we`d gone 200 yard`s, I heard a loud bang to my left. The bus next to us had hit a woman and all you could see of her was from the knees down sticking out from under the bus.. You could see...
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    Defensive action after defeat without them think they`ve got to me.

    Have a batting session with 3 girls. one out an law and 2 friends I only know 3 of the girls who`ve commented and none of them actually get up off their arse to go. Enjoy the boring crap Mourinho serves up. Even in defeat we play beautiful football just like we will next year. Ready for a next...
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    getting rid of a double bed mattress and the base

    Emptying my mother flat in retirement appartments which is sold and will be signed over on 19th February. Emptied it all, everything from clothes to furniture I`ve got shut off. Only thing left is this double bed with a lightly soiled mattress which Emmaus the charity for the homeless wont take...
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    As from today I am stopping buying or reading on line the MUEN

    After 48 years of reading the Manchester Evening News I have decide to stop doing so. Let them pander to the scum and their fans but I`m offski.
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    Arsenal U18`s V City U18`s

    Its being played today at Arsenal Colony training facility at 11am. I would imagine it will be screened, anyone know whether it will be on Facebook or streamed.
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    Arsenal EDS v City EDS (1900HRS 13/03)

    The game is being played tonight at the Emirates. Anyone know if this game will be on facebook are some other new fangled whatsit.
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    Ok I`ve been retired for 18 months, got some money coming off some investment. Now its time to utilise 1 of my 2 pensions I`d like to know how the fuck is it possible to get impartial advice. I am thinking of a pension draw down but still unsure of how to do this and who to use. I have a...
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    EDS v Derby 25/01 (moved to the A.J.Bell stadium)

    City EDS are playing Derby County EDS at the A.J.Bell stadium Irlam tonight at 7 0`clock. City beat them 5-1 at Derby, so could be loads of goals FREE TO ENTER JUST TURN UP NO TICKET REQUIRED Come on you Blues
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    Not Now moments

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    City Fans Leaving Early/Empty seats

    In my own feeble way I trying to show how much I love this club and my support for the players, even Navas who frustrates the fuck out of me. Well why do you
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    City TV

    We muller Liverpool 7-0 at u18`s and the u16`s win 6-0. nothing shown on City TV PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT
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    Getting on the OS

    Is anyone else having trouble or just me
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    Pre-season tour.

    what are the chances of getting our young players back from their loan spells for this. Mainly thinking of Patrick Robert who`s at Celtic for 18 month but also Denayer Bryne unal
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    It doesnt matter how good your are to people

    It doesnt matter how good your are to people, you end up getting shit on.
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    TV signal problems

    is this a general problem everyone else is having at the moment due to the weather conditions were having.
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