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    Metrolink strike.

    Okay metrolink drivers have apparently voted to strike at weekends starting September 25/26th. So far it is only affecting rag games but worth keeping an eye on the situation.
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    Other fans perceptions of us.

    I rarely talk to fans of other clubs these days as the usual crap the media post about us comes pouring out, plus their own bile. Last night I made an exception but sadly it went as expected. I'm sitting in a pub in Didsbury watching the Arsenal game, my mates are half watching, half not...
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    Half decent cheap mobile phone.

    Okay I thought I'd ask this here as nobody has answered my query in the seasoncard thread. My present phone isn't NFC enabled so it's of no use for me to download my seasoncard to. I'm looking for a reasonable SIM free one to buy that does. Argos have a Motorola g9 for sale at £100. 64g, the...
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    Antoine Sibierski

    I was in Waitrose in Altrincham on Sunday talking to the security guard at the door when he walked in and said hello as he knew Naz the security guard. He hasn't changed a bit and smiled as I said his name and gave him a thumbs up. I had no idea what happened to him after he left City but he...
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    Talk talk price increase.

    I've had an e mail from talk talk advising me my supposed fixed price broadband deal is rising by £2 a month. Indeed one of their selling points in their many adverts is that the price won't rise during my fixed term. Surely this is illegal? They have said if I phone them before the 18th April I...
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    Stealing Dogs.

    I keep on seeing posts popping up online about people and gangs stealing people's pet dogs. This appears to be a worldwide crime as it hit the headlines yesterday when a poor guy employed as a dog handler was shot four times when he was walking Lady Gaga's French bulldogs just to steal them...
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    Park homes?

    Is anybody here living in one? Now I've taken early retirement it's something I've looked at but the pretty high cost of fees puts me off a bit. As I get older I'm valuing my peace and quiet more highly and these look a viable option.
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    Mike Dean death threats.

    Apparently he has receive death threats to himself and family on social media. As a result he has asked to be taken off the referee's list for this weekends games.
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    Pep sending a message?

    Apologies if this had already been posted somewhere. Pep Guardiola: "It’s not about rest here. I saw KDB a little bit exhausted mentally [last week]. But right now I use the players who are in better conditions or more focused. If the players think they have been rested because I am rotating...
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    Anyone who has read Shaun Attwood's book hard time or watches his true crime podcasts on YouTube, will know all about his best friend and former enforcer Peter Mahoney, otherwise known as Wildman. A colourful character who lived life to the full, he sadly passed away today at the relitevely...
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    Fa cup game on the red button.

    A good game and fantastic to see football played with a crowd again, no matter how small.
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    Casting to TV.

    Okay I have tried to cast games to my TV. It has a cast icon and says searching for devices but it never works. My brother in law has the same app and his casting works. I can cast YouTube to my TV from my phone so I have no idea why this doesn't work. Has anyone got any ideas?
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    ROI v Wales.

    A dreadful game and the thug McLean sent off. 0-0 with seconds to go.
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    Go slow?

    Is it just me or has the site slowed right down? It's like navigating through treacle at the moment.
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    Allan's back!!!

    Everton have signed Allan!!! Allan, Allan, Allan!!!!!
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    It's been a good weekend.....

    So far. Three ex rags beaten in the Europa League final, one scoring an own goal winner for the opposition, by a side containg two ex City players and slabhead in prison in Greece. Lovely Jubbly.
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    Large illegal rave in Carrington tonight. No wonder our coronavirus rates are bad.
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    On sky now.
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    For those missing being at a game.

    This short video of our fourth goal going in against Brighton on the last game of the season feels like you're there.
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    Lynn Faulds Wood (John Stapleton’s wife)

    Very sad, John's wife Lynn Faulds Wood has died from a stroke. John of course is a staunch Blue.
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