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    Crystal Palace (H) - Post Match

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    Watford post-match

    Tidy win IMO
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    Centre Midfield

    Is anyone else concerned that we aren't strongly linked to anymore central midfielders (apart from Ramsey, which is tenous at best IMO) and don't seem to be planning to bring another one in (of high quality)?. For all the attacking options and centre half options we've been linked to, it's...
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    If we signed Guardiola, which players would thrive & struggle?

    Guardiola obviously has a set style, which would benefit some and disadvantage others if we happened to sign him. Looking over the squad, those that spring to mind: Thrive: Nasri - Been in the shadows for a while now and despite being injured a bit I still feel he's sort of on the outer now...
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    Should we be worried about our ageing squad?

    Looking through the various teams in the prem, it looks as if we're now the second oldest squad with an average age of 28.4 years, behind only QPR at 28.6 years. What I'm concerned about is that we end up with situation where we haven't taken a proper phased approach to squad rejuvenation...
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    Have we found the balance?

    So last season, we were too defensive. Too dull. Very good defensively, but couldn't score enough goals. For the majority of this season, we've been on the other end of the scale. Highly attacking. Flair. Plenty of goals, but suspect defensively and prone to stupid errors. Have we now finally...
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    Where we were having played the same games last season

    So I had a little time on my hands and wanted to calculated how much better off or worse we were this season compared to last season having played the same fixtures. Of course I've subbed in the promoted teams for the relegated ones at random Hull (QPR), Cardiff (Wigan), Crystal Palace...
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    Defensive Midfielder

    I think it's become abundantly clear not only to myself but many of our supporters that we do not have another high quality DM to play in a midfield 3 alongside Yaya and Fern when against European competition or tricky away sides in the Prem. Against lower qualities sides and at home, we can...
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