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    First visit in Manchester for over 10 years

    Hi guys & gals, Finally coming back to Manchester after not being in over 10 years. My only visit at the Etihad (Eastlands) was in april 2005, when we meet Liverpool. Before then i´ve been at Maine Road about 10 times during time. I´m coming over for the weekend to watch the Liverpool game...
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    Manchester City: The album

    Hi guys, I´m trying to find some Manchester City songs online (torrents please) Anyone know if the Manchester City: The album is to find somewhere online? Kind regards Danish Blue
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    Weiss signs new deal!

    Get the f**k in... Great one!
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    MCFC Iphone application

    Hi guys, Do any of you know if there is any Manchester City Iphone applications like for example Real Madrid got one? We have a fantastic website with great video area, but would be great to have something on the Iphone too.
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    MCFC - Westham: In Barcelona

    Hi guys, I´m travelling to Barcelona at the 28th september and i want some help. Do anyone knows were there is a great pub in Barcelona, who shows Premier League footy? Thanks, Danish_blue
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    City-Arsenal ticket please

    Hello. Can anyone get a ticket to my danish friend who want to go to this match in September from Denmark, he want a level 1 seat,could be nice if close to South Stand. He love to be in the singing area :-) Thanks
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    Aalborg prematch info

    Hi guys, You´re coming to good old Denmark again and i hope to see some of you lads again this time. Us scandinavian are planning a prematch at the John Bull Pub, so i hope that you guys are coming there? Here are some info: Ind Danish. I can surely...
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