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    Up and coming areas to live around North West

    Hey! Can anyone recommend any areas similar to Ramsbottom for a first time buyer? We love the idea of moving there as we're a big fan of the pace of life - we like the village, the types of houses (that kinda cottagey brick, wood burners in most houses), the greenery nearby etc - but it's so, so...
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    Best cities/countries to visit with a mate

    Right, aware this is pie in the sky stuff given the state of the world currently... BUT... does anyone have any recommendations of where is good to go with a mate? Realised me and my best mate (and future best man) have never been on holiday together on our own before really (have with others...
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    Covid Vaccine Thread

    Thought i'd start a thread about vaccines etc. I know there is a lot of hesitancy from people who usually have zero problems with vaccinations due to there being a lot of misinformation around. That's understandable as its a pretty confusing time - it doesn't make you anti-vax to be nervous...
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    The Great Google Outage of 2020

    So, Google is dead. Anyone else noticed they've been kicked out of their google services? YouTube down, gmail, shared docs etc. Painful.
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    Adarabioyo joins Fulham on permanent deal

    I don't usually share this stuff, unless I'm pretty certain the person who is telling me that its reliable. Heard from an incredibly good source that Adarabioyo wants to leave. Genuinely loves City, but he feels a permanent club would be good for him now to settle into his career. Three clubs...
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    4k TVs

    Any experts on here? Been doing some research and its an absolute minefield of opinion/formats/resolutions and god knows what else. OLED or QLED? HDR10+, Dolby Vision, True UHD 4k, 4k etc etc. Looking for a 49" or 50" one. Given the PS5 is on the horizon, and me and my missus are both big...
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    Confirmed actually legit UFOs!

    I really love shit like this, especially given everything going on. The Pentagon have today officially declassified some UFO videos that they can't explain. Guardian piece on it here...
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    Board games

    Can anyone recommend any good ones specifically for two people?
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    u18s vs Liverpool

    Just thought I'd give you all a heads up. The 18s are playing Liverpool at 11am and you can watch it on their site. You can trial Liverpool's video content free for a month with the code 1920GOFREE, meaning you can watch this game... don't forget to cancel it of course! Ha. It's here...
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    Your dream 2020/21 side

    Go on then. Let your heads run wild with unabashed, and probably unrealistic, giddiness... So imagine if we do actually give our squad a big rehash over the summer. What does the squad look like for you? Transfer outgoings/incomings, and your ideal XI... Go wild.
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    'This City is Ours' song

    Hey blues Just wondering if anyone knows the tune that this song is based on? Asked about and seems no one knows! Is it just a football chant or is it based on an actual song?
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    England squad (Kyle Walker dropped)

    Well he's about to get a bit of an unexpected rest, which will probably frustrate him, but probably isn't a bad thing given how many games we'll play this season!
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    #47 | Phil Foden - 2019/20 Performances

    He's joined up with team so I thought it was worth starting this thread :) I know its only a thumbnail, but he looks bigger than last season already which is a good thing. Think he'll end up a right tough little bastard in time.
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    This year's u18s scholars

    Quite an exciting bunch from what I can tell. Looking forward to seeing this lot play. GKs: James Trafford Cieran slicker Defenders: CJ Egan Riley Finley Burns Kwaku Oduroh Oscar Tarensi* Midfielders: Joe Hodge Alex Robertson James McAtee Oscar Bobb* Forwards: Samuel Edozie* Liam Delap*...
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    Taylor Harwood-Bellis

    With the first team for pre-season? Amazing news if so. He's a fantastic prospect at CB.
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    Premier League officially investigating City...

    Premier League have just put out a statement confirming we're being investigated now too. Is there anyone not investigating us at the moment?
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    Rabbi Matondo (signed for Shalke)

    Confirmed. He's a Schalke player. Made a video discussing this if anyone fancies a watch. Tried to be as fair as possible on it all and I also talked about the cash cow/producing talent academy balance.
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    Matchday vlog from the derby

    Hey all. Know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but I made one from today's game if anyone fancies a watch :) Fair to say it was quite a fun day! Manchester is blue, ladies and gents x
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    Matt Smith - 2019/20 Performances

    From the EDS to this... Undeniably a better place for him, even if it is the 2nd tier of Dutch football. Twente have a fantastic supporter base, and they'll be expected to win. He'll learn shit loads more than he would in the crap apathetic Premier League 2 playing u23s football. He started...
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    Man City EDS 6-5 Arsenal

    This game was absolutely mental. So, so much fun. Garcia classy, Garre a real livewire, and some lovely touches from Bernabe. Gomes shows promise but im not convinced he's *ready*. I made a video too on it if anyone fancies a watch. Cheers!
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